Efficiency is key: Things to make life easier

Seriously, these will get the job done

Life is hard, no doubt about it. But believe it or not, you can make it a bit easier. How? Be efficient. Sort your priorities—determine which tasks are urgent and focus on them first. 

Now if the task is really beyond your control, you can always ask for help. Yes, it’s not bad to seek assistance sometimes. And here’s an entire list to aid you throughout the day (throughout your life, TBH).

Parcel delivery

2Go parcel shipping service
Nationwide parcel shipping service from 2GO

Thanks to technology, we can now shop online. But there are some shops that don’t offer delivery services, requiring you to book a courier yourself. 2GO ships parcels and packages nationwide and to any city in the world via FedEx.

Freight shipping

You bought a really huge item online. Was it furniture? A car? A balikbayan box filled with random goods from family members? Maybe a mystery box from an IG store? Regardless, you can have it delivered via W Express, which offers freight shipping worldwide.

Laundry service

Let’s admit it: Self-service laundry machines are major life-savers. But if you totally don’t have time to wash your clothes, you can avail yourself of Wash N’ Dry’s wash, dry and fold services. They offer free pickup and delivery, too.

And oh, Wash ’N Wear offers dry cleaning service—in case you prefer that over regular washing.

Car window cleaner

Magic Glass Cleaner from Concorde

We know, washing a car by yourself is a tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort. So for a really quick clean up, just grab Concorde’s glass cleaner and apply on the dirty areas of your car.

Want some more good news? You can also use it to clean other glass and flat surfaces at home.

Dash camera

YI Smart Dash Camera from Blade

A dash camera comes in handy, especially when you get involved in road accidents (with crossed fingers, we hope this doesn’t happen). The camera records the front and rear view of your car and can serve as legal evidence.

Door-to-door money remittance

If—for some reason—you require more than automated remittance processing, LBC Express offers door-to-door money remittance service. They personally deliver your money to the indicated address of your chosen recipient.

Bills payment service

Need to pay various utility bills (electricity, water, internet, etc.)? Pay them at the nearest branch of M Lhuillier, which has partnered with major utility companies to make payment processing easier for you.

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