Celebrating your kid’s stay-in birthday? Get these gifts

From new clothes to a new puppy—there’s something for every child

Raise your hand if you had to cancel your kids’ birthday party this year due to quarantine.

We know it sucks and your kids are probably just as bummed out. Obviously, the next best thing is to throw a small yet memorable stay-in party. It doesn’t have to be grand, aka no need to get frilly decorations or dress up as a dancing mascot. All you need is great food, a couple party games and, of course, great presents.

Here are some gift ideas for you:

A fun graphic tee

Printed graphic tee for boys from Mossimo Kids

Clothing is an easy gift choice. Get your kid a piece they can wear for a long time, especially once lockdown eases and you can have family days again. This one from Mossimo Kids is made from jersey, which is great to wear on warmer days.

Comfy, durable slippers

A pair of Havaianas flip flops with cartoon characters printed on them

Kids break slippers all the time from running around and playing outside. Even if you’re just spending time inside, we’re sure that your kids will still find a way to play. It’s time you gift them durable slippers that won’t deteriorate easily and will actually last for years, like this adorable pair from Havaianas.

Life-size cuddle buddy

Cute and fuzzy, this teddy bear can be your kid’s new favorite toy (or pillow) from Blue Magic

Some kids still haven’t outgrown their stuffed toy phase. (Full disclosure: I am an adult and I still haven’t gotten over that phase either.) Make their day by getting them a life-sized teddy bear from Blue Magic which can also double as a pillow.

Cute hair accessories

Let your kid play with their own hair by giving them a bow headband from Aksesoriz

We can’t deny that kids have the attention span of a goldfish. One minute they’re quietly playing in a corner, the next minute they’re crying. What you can do is give them something that will distract them for a little longer. Kids love to play with their hair so they’d probably love to own a mini hair accessory collection.

A new fur baby because why not?

Choosing the pet should be made in consultation with the person who will take care of, and hopefully, fall in love with the fur baby

If you think your household is ready for another member of the family, then get your kid a fur baby. You can start small and get them a hamster or rabbit so your kids will learn the importance of taking care of another living being. Make sure to buy them a cage, food and other accessories to make them feel cozy in their new home. When acquiring a pet, make sure you’re equipped to care for them and have the space to accommodate them. We stan responsible pet parenting only.

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