An apo’s guide to looking after lolo and lola

Check up on your grandparents. It all starts with a checkup

Our grandparents have done so much for us. They took care of us when our parents were busy and welcomed us in their homes whenever we’d visit. And when you have kids of your own, they’d gladly take in their apo sa tuhod as well.

That said, it’s only right that we repay their kindness by making sure they get the care they need, especially in the middle of quarantine. Here’s how:

Schedule a checkup

Your grandparents can get a checkup from the comfort of their own home with The Medical City Clinic’s online consultation services. More information on The Medical City Clinic’s website

When was the last time your grandparents visited the doctor? Some hospitals now have online checkups—you just need to schedule an appointment. The upside to this is that you don’t have to wait in long lines. Don’t even worry about the technological gap, The Medical City Clinic has made it very easy to schedule appointments. Lolos and lolas can continue to consult their specialists from home. Just call (02) 8396-9899 to book an online consultation with The Medical City Clinic doctors.

CareHealth Plus QuantumCare Program: An HMO program that includes annual physical examination, hospitalization benefits, access to emergency care and other services. More information on CareHealth Plus’ website

You can also apply them to an HMO program so they can be insured for all the tests and treatments they’ll get in the future.

Eye care matters, too

General Ophthalmology: The complete eye exam is done by both an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, and checks the inner and outer parts of the eye to determine the overall condition of the eyes.
More information on Asian Eye Institute’s website

Don’t forget to schedule an eye appointment as well to check if their eyes are okay. Remember: seniors are prone to glaucoma and cataract. Find an ophthalmologist you trust to take a look at your grandparents’ eyes.

Paul Hueman Eyeglasses: A pair of glasses with black and gold frames and square lenses. Available at Flor Casaje Optical

If the doctor prescribes glasses, drop by the nearest optical shop and get your grandparents a pair that suits their needs.

Get them a wheelchair (if they need it)

An electric wheelchair that can be used at home and outdoors. It’s durable, foldable and battery-operated. Available at Far East Medical Equipment

When your grandparents start having trouble walking due to arthritis or other similar conditions, Far East Medical Equipment’s electric wheelchair will make it more comfortable for them to move around. It can also navigate tight spaces and different surfaces.

Vitamins to maintain their health

LAC Joint Protec reduces joint stiffness and inflammation in seniors. It’s formulated with collagen to promote flexibility and ease of movement. Available at GNC

There are many vitamins and supplements for seniors out there—multivitamins to improve the immune system, collagen pills to strengthen bones, among others. But be sure to ask their doctor first before getting over the counter supplements.

Keep them protected from the virus

Aseptique Medical Wear 15 (in gdrive): Aseptique Medical Wear has a great selection of PPEs for frontliners and those who are caring for sick people at home. Available at Aseptique Medical Wear

If you don’t live with your grandparents but want to visit them, it might be best to wear PPE to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially if they have pre-existing health conditions. Don’t worry, they’ll understand.

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