5 CNY Must-Do Traditions To Bring Good Luck

As the year of the Earth Pig draws closer, here are some activities you could do to score some more good luck!


1. Do some house cleaning before CNY

Cleaning your house a few days before Chinese New Year is believed to symbolize sweeping away all the bad luck from the previous year. In addition, dusting on New Year’s day itself is avoided due to the fear of sweeping away the incoming good luck of the year.


2. Have a haircut 

Just like cleaning before the New Year, getting a haircut prior to the celebration is believed to rid away negative energy from the previous year. Why not head over to David’s Salon for that new look and rid yourself away from last year’s bad juju!


3. Enjoy a family feast 

Typically during New Year’s eve, families would gather together for a reunion dinner. A variety of round dishes such as dimsums and mandarins are said to symbolize good fortune and prosperity.


4. Wear something red

The age-old tradition of wearing red during Chinese New Year is a definite mandatory. Red is considered to be an auspicious and lucky color to be used in almost everything!


5. Give an Ang Pao

Sharing a shiny red envelope called “Ang Pao” with an even denomination (except the number 4 which in Cantonese sounds like death) is believed to bring in prosperity and good grace upon both the giver and receiver.


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