Your piercings need aftercare, too, you know?

Please stop forgetting you got pierced or it’ll be prone to infection

Whoever told you that baby oil is a good piercing cleaner is probably lying to you. Yeah, even the jewelry shop lady who pierced your ears when you were younger. 

Getting a piercing is just like getting a tattoo—there’s proper aftercare since you essentially have an open wound and you have to do your part in letting it heal properly. If you’re planning to take the next step and get more piercings in the future, keep these tips in mind.

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Have the right cleaning solution

As mentioned, baby oil isn’t the right product to use when cleaning your piercings. This would actually draw in more dirt and clog up the piercing ends. The worst case scenario is you’ll get a major infection. The safest to use is a 0.9 percent saline solution (you can get some at leading drug stores or you can make your own), which is commonly used to clean puncture wounds. Don’t worry, this product won’t be too harsh on your skin.

Clean twice a day

Once you have your saline solution, make sure that you clean your piercing wound twice a day: after taking a bath and before going to bed. Use a soft cloth or cotton ball to gently clean your piercing. Keep up this routine so it’ll heal up nicely in the next week or so.

Don’t scratch!

This is self-explanatory, but I think it’s still worth repeating. If you feel any itchiness on your piercing wound, don’t scratch it by twisting and turning the earring. Doing so might remove new skin cells that have formed, which will delay the healing process.

What to do with minor infections

A minor infection is a common side effect of new piercings which can be treated by soaking the area in saline thrice a day. But make sure to monitor its progress. If the infection doesn’t go away within three days or if it gets worse (i.e. abscess formation), set an appointment with your dermatologist.

Header Image Credit: Photo by Luriko Yamaguchi from Pexels

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