You gave yourself quarantine bangs, now what?

Alexa, play “Turn Back Time”

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw this girl about to cut her bangs in the worst way possible. As someone who’s sported bangs since elementary, I knew just by the way she was holding her scissors that it wouldn’t end well. And I was right—her bangs turned out crooked and too short for her liking. Poor girl looked like she was about to cry. Let’s give a moment of silence for her and her bangs.

I can’t blame her though. Quarantine really made us do a lot of things to ourselves out of boredom and curiosity. I bet your Google search history also includes “how to cut my own bangs at home” and “best scissors to use for cutting my hair.” Now to those who succumbed to the quarantine bangs temptation and messed up, don’t lose hope yet. We can offer those hideous bangs some redemption.

Your knee-jerk reaction is to probably hide the tragedy that is your bangs and pretend it didn’t happen. But putting on a clip or a headband is so 2010. Let’s do something more interesting a.k.a the side twist hairstyle. First, you have to part your hair in the middle or on the left or right (whatever you think fits you best). Start twisting both sides of your parted hair from the roots down to the back of your ear and secure them with bobby pins. To give it an extra lock, you can spray on some Bench Fix Professional Messy Set Go! Hairspray from Bench Fix Salon.

You can also try to simply slick it back using some hair gel or pomade—especially if you’re part of the population that isn’t blessed with hairstyling skills. Just squeeze a good amount of gel on your hand and comb it through your bangs until it doesn’t fall over your forehead anymore.

But if there’s really nothing you can do to make it better, we suggest you go to the nearest salon and let them do the saving. Freshaire Salon offers a haircut service which might be the most plausible solution. Or are you not too keen on another cut? Well, you can always go for Salon de Rose’s hair perm service. Perming your hair may hide your crooked bangs. Remember to observe quarantine protocols when you go out though!

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