What’s the Best Foundation for Me?

Underneath all the blush, concealer, and eye shadow lies a woman’s saving grace — her foundation. This makeup essential is used to create a smooth and uniform base color to even out your complexion. It can be used to cover flaws and even improve your skin tone. 

How do you decide which foundation is right for you? Take a look at these simple beauty tips that can help you choose your next favorite foundation.

1. Understand your skin type

Foundations are made to match the different skin types that people have. There are foundations that complement oily skin types while there are others that work best for dry skin. Once you know whether you’re oily, normal, or dry, choose the right foundation that works well with your skin type. 


Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation goes perfectly well for normal to oily skin type. Its lightweight formulation would leave your skin with a flawlessly natural finish!

People with oily skin can attest that it’s essential to find a foundation that lasts long without having to reapply or fret about it fading or running. Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation can last up to 24 hours with just one pump!


2. Embrace your skin tone

Learn to embrace the skin that you have, whether you’re morena or pale-skinned, so your foundation can match your natural glow. Knowing your skin tone will help narrow down which shade of foundation you should get. Make sure to match your foundation to your skin tone to avoid an unnatural look.


L’Oreal’s True Match Super-Blendable Foundation makes it easy to match any skin tone with its range of 45 foundation shades. With every effortless application, you get light to medium coverage for a smooth look.

For those with a paler skin tone, MAC Cosmetics has a lightweight formula that can transform your skin to a pristine porcelain. The Studio Face and Body Foundation in White can help those who have a hard time finding a product for them.

3. Don’t forget about undertones

Undertone is the color underneath the surface of the skin that affects your overall skin color. Unlike skin tone which can change due to external factors like sun exposure or acne, your undertone always remains the same. 

There are three types of undertones — cool, warm, and neutral. Skin complexion with underlying shades of blue, red, or pink means that you have cool undertones while golden, yellow, or peach means warm undertones. Neutral, on the other hand, means that your natural skin color is more evident than any underlying color.

Just like how you match jewelry and clothing to your undertone, you need to be able to match the right beauty product for your face, especially makeup foundation, that will complement your complexion. 


Women with cool undertones will love The Face Shop’s Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit because of its easy coverage that has a natural finish.

Ladies with a warmer undertone may want to try Ever Bilena’s Liquid Foundation in Olive.

4. Swatch before you shop

Makeup products usually have in-store testers that customers can try out, and foundations are no exception. Foundations are best tested on the lower part of your cheeks to your jawline. Products usually look different on your skin than in the container, so make sure to apply an ample amount to see how it looks and feels on you. 


Swatch your way to flawless skin and a brighter complexion with Benefit’s Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation and Happy Skin’s Ready to Glow Anti E-Aging Liquid Foundation.

5. Follow people on social media

We typically follow celebrities online to see their fashionable outfits and fab lifestyle – why not follow them for their makeup as well? Use this tactic and follow a personality who has a similar complexion as yours. From your favorite actress to your go-to beauty vlogger, you’ll easily get a good product recommendation that may fit your skin as well.

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