How’s your beauty month going? We spent days scouring for the most awesome makeup and skincare finds. It’s never easy to settle for just one—unless you find a lipstick that works as an eyeshadow and cheek tint too! We discovered the hack with Vice Cosmetics Good Vibes Matte Lipstick. Here’s how you can do the beauty experiment too:

1. Eyeshadow

We dabbed on the daring Kavogue shade! The vibrant red brings a pop of color to the lids.  It’s easier to put on using a thin eye brush. You only have to draw two light strokes on your lids then smudge the shade softly until it’s evened out. If you’re using one color for your eye makeup, the golden rule is not to overdo it. The eyeshadow should reach up to the crease only.

2. Cheek Tint

We’re no strangers to the Lip & Cheek Tint beauty trick. Good Vibes’ lightweight formula makes it comfy to wear on the skin. We used the lippie as a cheek tint and it’s so easy to do! Just apply two small dots on the apples of your cheeks. Blend the color from your cheek bones to your temples. Make sure the blush effect is the same on both sides, nothing too strong or too light!

3. Lipstick

Of course, the look won’t be complete without using Good Vibes as a lipstick! We love how the lippie color can last for about six hours (with a simple retouch after a quick meal). Your lips won’t feel flaky at all thanks to the creamy matte finish that gives a moisturized effect.

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