Waxing Myths: Debunking The Most Common Misconceptions

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Waxing can be scary and intimidating—especially in the intimate region. Even for regulars, it can still get nerve-wracking because of some common waxing myths. It’s time we dispel these waxing concerns and go for that full Brazilian experience.



Myth: You need to have long hair before waxing

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The ideal length for hair waxing is about 0.5 – 1 centimeter. Sure, waxing can’t fully remove freshly grown out hair, but you don’t need to wait long enough for your next waxing session. But if you still have doubts, make sure to visit a professional waxing place like international grooming waxing salon Pink Parlour for a worry-free experience.


Myth: Waxing can harm your skin.

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It’s perfectly normal for your skin to turn slightly pink after a session. Your skin may look a bit inflamed or plucked, but it disappears a few hours later. To make sure you won’t get any irritation or redness, you may use Pink Parlour’s Soothe Lotion to close up the pores and moisturize your newly waxed skin.



Myth: Waxing is painful

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Pain can be different depending on one’s tolerance. Since waxing pulls hair out from the root, some may experience discomfort during the process. But for those with low pain tolerance, international hair removal salon, Pink Parlour, uses hard wax for their services which offers a less painful experience.



Drop by Pink Parlour at the 5th floor, SM North EDSA The Block. You may contact them at 709-7093 for bookings.


For more information visit their website.


Header Image Credit: @pinkparlourph | ig



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