Try Before You Buy: Happy Skin’s Ready To Glow Anti E-Aging Collection

I love makeup as much as the next girl. My obsession started exactly two years after I had landed my first job as a lifestyle reporter in a publishing company. At first, it was just rouge on the lips (red was my power color)—then came blush and a couple of other makeup go-tos in between.

Fast forward to now and we all know that the beauty industry is an evolving minefield. You can have anything you want—from shades that are universally flattering and inclusive, a variety of formulas to suit any skin type to cruelty-free and vegan options and even multitasking products that promise to not only make you look pretty but protect your skin as well.

Although I’ve a growing passion for makeup, I have a small beef with foundation. At most, I use it when I’m off to a wedding or a formal event. It’s not something I’d pick up every day because I find that application is a nightmare. Who needs an extra layer of cakey, thick texture on their face? Hard pass. I even let my youngest sister have the lone bottle of liquid foundation sadly sitting on my vanity, gathering dust, for herself so it wouldn’t be such a waste.

But what if I just haven’t found the one? When I heard about Happy Skins Ready To Glow Anti EAging Foundation line, I was curious. Knowing that this homegrown brand produces makeup that cares for the skin, I felt their foundations could be fuss-free and skincare-focused for someone like me who’s had a not-so-good experience with the foundation category. So when I was sent the liquid and powder foundations from their new collection, I was excited to test them out.


Happy Skins Ready To Glow Anti EAging Collection features two foundations—in liquid and powder forms. Both iterations, which deliver up to 12 hours of wear, boast of an advanced Sun to Screen Filter.

What most Filipinos don’t know is that blue light is the “silent ager” of our generation—being constantly glued to our devices contributes to wrinkles, redness, and pigmentation. Having the Sun to Screen Filter technology means that the foundations not only protect and defend the skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays but also “e-aging” from the blue light and radiation that our digital devices’ screens emit.

Available in three shades, they also have a Triple Defense System with broad-spectrum SPF 25 PA++, a Japanese blue light shield technology, and vitamin C to brighten pigmented skin. Plus points that they’re paraben-, alcohol, and fragrance-free. They’re also low-irritant and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.



I rarely use a foundation when I go to work because I already have my makeup routine down pat to only 15 minutes, and I don’t want to exceed that. Also, I think wearing one suffocates my skin. That said, I do spend most of my time at work and outside of it around my computer and smartphone. I also enjoy taking brisk walks and coffee breaks outside my workplace when I need to regroup my thoughts and relax. Hence, blue light and UVA/UVB exposure is inevitable.



I swatched all three shades first to see which one matches my complexion the best. As with new liquid products, it took me a couple of pumps before the liquid foundation came out, but it was smooth-sailing after that. My shade? Honey Beige.

I prepped my skin first; I cleansed, toned, and primed. I dispensed the product onto my hand and used a beauty sponge to dot the foundation all over my face. I focused on my T-zone because that area tends to get a bit oily and my cheeks where some slight pigmentation is noticeable.

Lo and behold, the product felt lightweight on my skin as I was blending it out. Coverage is sheer so it almost looks like I’m not wearing anything (props for that natural finish!), but I saw how it brightened up my face a bit and evened out my skin. I didn’t put a lot, but with the product’s delicate texture and consistency, I’m sure it’s even buildable if you want medium to full coverage. Happy Skin says it’s best paired with the powder so I topped it off in Honey Beige, too. I’m happy to report that the powder version is also lightweight but pigmented enough to cover imperfections—and it’s perfect for quick touchups.

Personally, I love how either foundation provides a smooth base for your makeup, which is what foundations are really for. I didn’t have trouble blending it out (my skin absorbed the product easily) and applying my concealer, blush, and a hint of eyeshadow after. The liquid version is neither sticky nor suffocating. So yay!

And you know what? I didn’t exceed my 15 minutes—application was that easy.


(In natural light) (From top: Anti E-Aging Liquid Foundation in Soft Beige, Honey Beige, and Pink Beige)

(In indoor light) (From top: Anti E-Aging Liquid Foundation in Soft Beige, Honey Beige, and Pink Beige)


(In natural light) (From top: Anti E-Aging Powder Foundation in Soft Beige, Honey Beige, and Pink Beige)

(In indoor light) (From top: Anti E-Aging Powder Foundation in Soft Beige, Honey Beige, and Pink Beige)


I’m now a foundation convert. To be totally honest, Happy Skins Ready To Glow Anti EAging line is something I feel I can use every day because I can either take my time with it or use it on the go. The thing I appreciate most about this collection is that it’s very much skincare-focused (goodbye e-aging!). I also love the fact that I won’t have to put a different facial sunscreen on or lather a vitamin C serum on my face because the collection already has those.

When it comes to color range, I wish they’d come out with more hues for morenas. As it is, the collection only comes with three shades ideal for those with pink and fair undertones.

In terms of weight, they’re compact and can fit right in your makeup bags. But if you don’t want to bring both and you’ve little space or you’re traveling, just grab the powder compact that comes with a mirror and you’re good to go.

Overall, I think both products aren’t intimidating to use especially for foundation newbies like me or for people who have just started exploring makeup. Promise, they’re worth looking into.

The Ready To Glow Anti EAging Powder Foundation (P1,299) and Liquid Foundation (P1,199) are available at all Happy Skin branches at SM Supermalls.



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