Trust us, taking a skincare break does wonders

Dermatologists call it “skin fasting”

We’ve all been there, especially around this time of year: You’ve managed to wow crowds and strut down the street (or your living room) dressed to the nines with your face made up better than James Charles or Lala Flores could even dream of. You glow under neon lights and make heads turn in  every corner, living like the diva you are.

… But the next day after your nightly wash-up routine, you find that your skin’s just that little bit drier and less vibrant—you even start to feel it catching a bit whenever you laugh.

One inconvenient truth is that there’s only so much moisturizer can do, and facial peels might in rare cases leave unwanted blemishes that’ll be even more work to undo.

Let’s face it: There are times the best way to give your skin a break is just to give it a moment to itself. No scrubs, no moisturizers, no masks, just your body taking care of itself the best it can with the help of nice warm water washes. It makes sense after all; your body does a lot of self-maintenance you may not necessarily be aware of under the hood, and people have quite literally gone millennia without needing a locked-in four-step skincare regimen using esoteric salts and Korean imports designed to help you get that glass skin

We aren’t making an argument to do away with face wash and soaps entirely, though. The fact remains that airborne environmental pollution ages your skin at an alarming rate, and the only real way to counteract that is by using trusted and reliable products that help fight back against the smoke, smog, and unidentifiable muck that are an unfortunate fact of urban living. But over-cleansing your skin can do just as much long-term harm, and a skin fast lets your body produce those protective natural oils that actually help prevent many of these problems from manifesting to begin with.

And in the interest of keeping you safe and healthy, you should know that skin fasting simply doesn’t work for everyone. There may be times when your body just puts out so much oil you might be tempted to start up a biofuel company and become a self-made millionaire, or times when you just feel squirmy and uncomfortable. 

The main takeaway should be that while many of the products we can find just off the shelves at most stores can work well, there aren’t any miraculous cure-all you can put on your credit card. Your skin is a living thing that deserves to be cared for. Experiment and find a good balance that works for you; you don’t need to be glammed up every day after all, especially nowadays when you see a lot more of your home than before.

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