5 foolproof tricks to perfect that winged liner

All these years and we’re still bad at drawing winged liner

I’d like to think doing makeup is a process, not a race. It’s one of those skills you won’t get right away and might take years to perfect—and that’s perfectly fine! However, can someone explain why doing winged eyeliner is still a struggle? And no, newbies aren’t the only ones. Even the most experienced beauty gurus sometimes can’t keep a steady hand or worse, accidentally make their liner uneven.

It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. So here are five tricks to make your winged eyeliner symmetrical (or make it look like you know what you’re doing).

Seriously, keep a steady hand

I know I just mentioned that this is an actual struggle, but hear me out. If you are able to maneuver your eyeliner without shaking, then you’re halfway there. Just make sure that there are no distractions in the room and that you keep calm.

Use tape or a card

The trick here is to strategically place the tape or card on the side of your eye so you have a guide when drawing your winged liner.

Connect the dots

Vlogger AlexandrasGirlyTalk uses the “connecting the dots” hack when doing eyeliner. What you do is put three to four dots on your lids and on the side of your eyes, then you draw your liner. Just make sure the dots are perfectly aligned so your liner isn’t crooked.

Ditch the eyeliner pen, use a brush

Okay, I understand that an eyeliner pen isn’t easy to use for some. A good alternative is using a thin angled brush and an eyeliner pot. That way, you can build up product on your lid and slowly draw on your winged liner.

Conceal your mistakes

Concealer has many uses: it can brighten up your under eye, used for cut creases, and make sure that you have clean lines. If your winged eyeliner is uneven, you can conceal the edges and make it look less like a trainwreck.

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