She’s the popular and pioneering style blogger. He’s been fondly dubbed as the Instagram boyfriend, patiently taking her OOTD pictures. Yet while one is the star and the other works behind the scenes, there’s a mutually supportive partnership between Tricia Gosingtian and RG Gabunada, one that has worked so well for the past six years that by the time this issue goes to print, they would be known as Mr. and Mrs. Gabunada.

It takes two

Caught in the final few days before their wedding, the two were a picture of calm. With less than a year between when they got engaged and the date they chose to say, “I do,” a case of serious nerves would have been understandable, but Tricia revealed, “I know I’m supposed to be worried because there are still so many things to fix, but I feel I’ve become better at handling the stress than I was a month ago.” Describing herself as someone with constant low-level anxiety, she took the crunch time as permission to focus on the essentials and trust that the work she has done in the past covers everything else, that all the hoopla were just add-ons to the ultimate goal, marriage.

And RG, as always, helped her steer her exacting vision for the wedding onto a practical course. “He’s been very helpful,” she said. “At my worst, I’m scattered, so he was the one who helped give structure to my many ideas. That’s important because for these to be executed, there has to be a process. Otherwise, I’d end up doing everything on my own.”

RG, on his part, has always been in awe of Tricia’s creativity. “She knows what she wants,” he stated. “She knows the direction she wants to go to, the negotiable and non-negotiable. That’s important in any endeavour.” Through the whole wedding preparation process, the two learned more about how each of them handle stress—a crucial factor in any serious relationship.

All in the details

The two have generously shared some details about their wedding preparations through Tricia’s blog, which she hoped would prove useful to other brides-to-be. “A lot of stuff online are mostly generic how-to listicles that lack that personal experience,” she said. “They don’t really tell about the less glamorous but very important stuff, like the permits to be obtained at the city hall, the seminars to be attended.” She planned to share more stories after the wedding is over, with the relatable, confiding voice that has made her one of the most followed personalities online.

In sync

With Tricia as the creative half and RG the practical and business-minded one, it’s easy to conclude that their love is a case of opposites attract. Yet these are just surface differences between them. “Our values in life are aligned,” said RG. Tricia added, “It’s a big deal that we both have our own careers, because celebrating work achievements together on top of our relationship milestones has been wonderful.  Wonderful, indeed.

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