1. The MUST in must-have: Concealer

Had a rough night or day? Hide dark circles and other spots with a concealer. Always keep one in your bag for any occasion.

2. Keep your skin regimen even when you’re tired!

Many of us take our skin regimen for granted. Remember to always take your make-up off at night, cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

3. Eye-opening secret

Worrying about your deep-set eyes? Don’t worry, this little trick will help your eyes go from sunken-looking to sultry. Swipe on a pale shimmery color on your eyelids from the lash line to the crease. Avoid using dark-colored eye shadow since this will deepen your eyes even more. Using a shimmery hue will reflect light and will bring your eyes forward.

4. Layer it on!

Learn to layer on make-up so it looks clean and well-done. For a start, use a matte base then add shimmer for a nice and bright look.

5. Watch the brow!

For many of us, shaping the brow is an important activity. But remember to avoid over-tweezing! This can make hair grow back irregularly leading to bald patches. Instead, try using brow fillers to shade in problematic areas.

6. Eye tricks

Here’s another eye trick to give you better eyelid coverage. Use three shades of the same color. Apply the lightest over the lid, the medium hue from the lash line to the crease, and the darkest shade near the lash line. Blend in.

7. Hot lashes

Push your lash game a little bit further! For sexier lashes, heat your lash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds before curling.

8. Blush with a kiss

Did you know that you can use lip stain as blush-on for your cheeks? Well, now you know. For a more natural and rosy look, dab a bit of pink stain before you put on your foundation.

9. Liquid Liner 101

We love liquid liners. It’s sleek, sexy, long-lasting, and just a lot of fun! If and when we get to put it on. For some of us who still think it’s a struggle to put on liquid liner, here’s an easy way to do it. Keep your eyes open, make a dash at the corner of your eye lid, a dash in the middle, then a dash on the inside corner. Connect the dots, or should we say the dashes. Of course, practice makes perfect!

10. Eye first policy

Putting on make-up is a delicate process. But that doesn’t mean you can change up some of the steps for a better finish. If you apply concealer first under your eyes, try starting with eye make-up instead. It’s easier to clean up make-up residue that falls below your eyes without concealer on.

11. Catch up on your Contouring!

Make your facial features stand out more by contouring. First thing to remember is that your face is three-dimensional so using a single tone of foundation will flatten your features. Highlight the areas of your face that catches light but put shadows on your jaw line and cheekbones.

12. Bronze Goddess

Bronze is beautiful! Get that natural glow by dusting your cheeks and eyelids with bronzing powder.

13. Go Glossy!

Get that perfect pout by putting gloss on top of your favourite lipstick. Top your colored lips with gold, peach, or coral gloss.

14. Get complete coverage

If you’re a fan of liquid foundation, here are some important tips to take note of. The best products won’t give you complete coverage if you don’t blend it well. Dab color into a damp makeup sponge and wet it some more. Squeeze it until it’s almost dry. Put foundation onto the back of your hand, press the sponge into it, and apply onto your face.

15. Water is still the best refresher!

Touching up? Spray your face with water then reblend the foundation, powder, or concealer that’s already on your skin.

16. Some things are best left to the imagination

Looking truly sexy means baring just enough and not everything. Where’s the mystery in that? If you want to show off your legs, cover up on top. If your shoulders and arms are your best assets, wear pants or a long skirt.

17. Know Your Colors

Your skin tone should also complement the colors of your clothes. People with cool undertones (e.g. fair skin) look best in white, black, gray, silver, blue, and other darker colors. On the other hand, those with warm undertones (e.g. tan, brown) will look great in yellow, gold, brown, green, red, and other bold colors.

18. Know Your Strengths

Know which parts of your body are most flattering. If you have an hourglass figure, wear scooped or V neck outfits, vertical striped outfits, or dresses and one-piece outfits that cinch at the waist. For tall people, avoid stripes. What you want to do is to have volume. Do this with bright colors and patterns to your pants, skirts, and dresses.

19. Discover the wonders of white!

White goes with everything, anytime, anywhere. Period.

20. Watches are timeless

For many of us on-the-go gals, we sometimes have no time to put on so many baubles, bangles, and beads. Fortunately, there’s the watch. Functional, stylish, perfect for everyday use and style.

21. Classic Must-haves

There are things you can’t live without, including a black dress, a blazer, neutral-colored tops, a pair of jeans, pumps, a neutral-colored handbag, a jacket, flats. With just a few of these classic pieces, you’re sure to come up with a fashionable look anytime, anywhere.

22. Play with colourful accessories

Accessories can do a lot to a simple outfit!

23. Opposites attract

Pair loose clothing with tighter-fitting pieces. Complement light-colored tops with darker bottoms. Always have balance.

24. How to do denim on denim

Wear dark slim-fitting pants and a lighter denim top. Or do it vice versa. Then add accessories.

25. There is wisdom in multiples

Sometimes, it’s good fashion practice to have multiple colors or versions of the same classic piece. This way, you can pair clothes more easily.

26. Get your pants off the floor!

Wear pants that are the right length for your shoes. The hems of your pants should just graze the top of your shoes and be 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the floor.

27. Don’t shrug off shoulder fit

Always pay attention to the fit of your jacket, coat, or blazer around the shoulders. Make sure the seams fit right at the bony tops of your shoulders.

28. A little scarf goes a long way

They’re great for cold and windy days and most especially as a fashion statement.

29. Round down your jeans size

Some of the bigger questions in life have to do with jeans fit. When in doubt, go for the smaller size. Jeans always stretch in the wash, and it’s better to have your pants stretch when you’ve rounded down rather than a bigger size stretching to an even larger number.

30. Always try something new!

Get out of your comfort zone and try out pieces that aren’t your “usual”. Who knows? They might just be “so me”!

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