1. Cleanse not just once but twice.

Korean women follow the double cleansing method. They don’t just wash off their make-up, they also make sure the dirt and pollutants come right off, too.

First step is to pre-cleanse. Remove make-up and oil using a make-up remover and a liquid cleanser. Apply cleansing oil to remove excess oil, and other pollutants. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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All Finish Moist Cleansing Water

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Next is to re-cleanse. Make sure no impurities remain in your skin by washing with a foaming cleanser.

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2. Follow the 10-second rule when applying moisturizers.

Apply your moisturizer on your damp skin 10 seconds after you take a bath. This will immediately lock in the water that will keep your skin healthy and protected. The longer you wait to put on your moisturizer, the more dehydrated and dry your skin becomes.

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3.  Exfoliate

For Korean ladies, exfoliating is an important part of their skin regimen to help remove deep-seated dirt and other impurities from the skin. However, scrubbing everyday is not recommended as this can also damage your skin. When you do exfoliate your face, concentrate on your cheeks and your nose.

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4. Put a mask on.

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at home with a natural face mask. These masks don’t just take off dead skin cells and dirt, they also have minerals that seep into the skin to make it healthier. There is an array of choices for you at The Face Shop and Etude House.

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4. Spray on some Essence.

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4. Massage your face.

In Korea, massaging your face is a must-do and is part of the skin care regimen. Put on some cream and use your knuckles and fingertips to massage your facial muscles. Massaging will increase blood flow to your face which will keep your skin glowing and radiant. This also helps prevent wrinkles and skin aging over time.

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Follow these tips with our picks from The Face Shop and Etude House and you won’t just get clear, light, and dewy skin, but also a healthy one, too!

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