These eye looks will make you stand out—even with a mask on

I spy… the celestial ’60s eye makeup trend

We get it, it’s so hard to distinguish people nowadays, thanks to face masks. You’ve probably waved at someone you thought you knew, only to see the look in their eyes—confused and weirded out. And that’s when you knew girl, you messed up. 

One way to stand out? Go for a bold eye look whenever you go out—something that’ll make people recognize you easily.

We’re here to help you find that perfect eyeshadow trend.

Frosted blue eyes

Eye look: blue eyeshadow

We’re not letting you get over the blue eyeshadow trend as it’s striking yet convenient. Just pat different shades of blue on your lids and you’re ready to go. Now if you really want to be extra, get an eyelash extension from Brow Lounge or The Brow Studio.

Celestial ’60s

Eye look: celestial

This is probably something that will make people go: “Who put the stars in your eyes?” Wear the colors of the galaxies on your eyes using shades from Yves Rocher’s Botanical Color Eyeshadow collection. Add some embellishments or glitter to complete the celestial look.

Four-eyed feline

Eye look: winged liner

Make your eyes pop even with your prescription glasses by applying a thick winged liner. Also, don’t forget to have your eyes checked regularly. Visit EyeSite by Asian Eye Institute for an in-person consultation or White House Optical Clinic for an online checkup.



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