The truth about yellow teeth

As with every beauty standard, it's a matter of personal preference. What's important is your oral hygiene

Let’s set one thing straight: yellow teeth don’t exactly mean an unhealthy mouth. In fact, the strongest and healthiest teeth are not white by nature. They’re a bit yellowish than that.

Your teeth has translucent outer coverings called enamel. Beneath it is a hard tissue called dentin and it has a naturally yellow color. So it’s in the genes, really. It just so happens that some people are born with thicker enamel, which effectively hides the dentin and gives their teeth a brighter color.

But your yellow teeth may also be because of the drinks you consume. Coffee, tea, milk tea and fruit juices have components that may stain the enamel. If this is the case, oral whitening procedure by Healthy Smile Dental, oral prophylaxis by Perfect Teeth or dental veneers by Precious Teeth Dental Care can easily counteract your stained teeth issues.

There are other dental issues that may need your immediate attention though. Misaligned teeth, for one, should be treated right away as it can cause serious complications. Your teeth may become prone to tooth decay and periodontal disease if they are overcrowded or widely spaced. Deal with that issue by getting S-aligners from Whitehouse Dental Clinic, dental braces from South Dental Centre or tooth removal from Smile Design.

Bottom line: You don’t really have to be ashamed of your yellow teeth. And if someone teases you for it, just do the science talk to shut them up (works like magic).

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