The Science Of Smiling

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Have you ever rolled your eyes at someone who told you that smiling can brighten up your day? Well, according to science, thereʼs more truth to that than we thought. The act of smiling triggers the bodyʼs happy neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins), releasing them into our system; this means every time we smile, we get a little shot of happiness.

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This happens because we relate smiling with happiness and humor. Because our bodies are conditioned to recognize this relationship, it releases these neurotransmitters whenever we smile, even when we don’t really feel that happy. This means we can trick ourselves into feeling good simply by smiling. Pair this with the fact that happiness is linked with longevity, and youʼve got the recipe for a long and happy life. Thatʼs not the only reason why we feel better when smiling, though.

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The actual contraction of our facial muscles whenever we smile also helps influence our mood: Because of the way it temporarily adjusts our face shape, smiling improves our blood flow. More blood rushes into our frontal lobe, helping increase the volume of dopamine that’s released.

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Studies have also been made to see the effect smiling has on anxiety and stress. In 2012, scientists from the University of Kansas saw that people who hold genuine smiles (we’re talking huge grins here, not small smiles with the lips covering the teeth) during tense situations have a reduced stress response compared to those who donʼt. People who grin often are able to handle stress better and have lower stress-induced heart rates—and we all know how much our heart rate can shoot up when we’re dealing with a lot of stress. Looks like when we “grin and bear it,” we’re actually helping our bodies.

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If that hasn’t convinced you yet to flash those pearly whites more often, remember that smiling is contagious. Smiling doesn’t just improve your attitude, it also improves the attitude of those around you. When you’re beaming from ear to ear, you make other people feel relaxed, influencing them to smile, too. This creates a positive environment, and who can’t thrive within that? This especially helps when dealing with a particularly stressful situation. Smiling shows others that you’re on top of things, which stops them from worrying. So there you go, the simple act of smiling more often can actually improve your life. Who knew?

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