1. Your Choice, Your Hair

One of the biggest trends this 2016 is… not having a “trend” at all. What we mean is that you pick and choose a hairstyle that best defines who you are and most especially the kind of hair you have. Whether you wear it long or short, curly or straight, tied up or loosened down, the hairdo you have must be suited to the natural characteristics of your hair.

2. The Great Hair Gatsby

This year, we’re celebrating short hair. For a lot of women, deciding to cut their hair short is a big and bold step. Pixies, bobs, cheekbone-length crops, and bangs will definitely change up your look.

3. Take a dip

Dip your tips in hip hues!

4. Make a Statement

Because this year is all about letting your personality shine through your hair, it’s just fitting to do something bold. Sharp side parts, big waves, and different hairstyle combinations will definitely set you apart.

5. Put a Twist

C’mon, let’s twist again! Twisting your hair into a bun is just one of the many ways to put up your hair. Try combining braids and twists, high ponies and twists, or just put your own twist to the twist!

6. Bang Bangs!

Start the year with banging bangs! Have them straight, curly, wavy, edgy , or any way you like them.

7. Babylights

Make highlights work even better for you! Babylights put very fine strands of color throughout the hair to give it a more multi-dimensional, fuller, and more natural look.

8. Curl Up!

This year will showcase the staying power of curly hair. If you got it, flaunt it! And for those who don’t got it, go for it!

9. Lovely Layers

Now, now, if you don’t want to do anything to those lengthy locks, you can just try doing something new to it. An easy way is to add texture-boosting layers. Versatile layers will look great when you blow them out, make pin curls, and show up in sexy “bed hair”. They also help add volume to your hair which gives it that extra “oomph”.

10. Accessorize!

Sugar, spice, pins, beads, bands, sparkles, flowers, butterflies, and everything nice. Who says you can’t accessorize on your hair, too?

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