Start them young!

When puberty hits your teens, you’re most likely to experience breakouts. Androgens increase resulting to excessive sebum production that may clog pores and cause zits. While younger skin recovers faster, breakouts may resurface into adulthood due to stress, aging and other hormonal changes. Good news is you can fight these awkward blemishes with a trusted range of facial essentials. For teens, take care of your skin as early as now. For teens at heart, it’s never too late to start!

The Facial Cleanser

Make it your morning and evening ritual to wash your face with Liquid Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser. It works to remove dead skin cells on any skin type.

The Toner and the Moisturizer

If your skin is consistently oily or acne-prone, it’s best to complement your cleanser with a toner! Celeteque Alcohol-free Toner clears the sneaky little traces of oil and dirt left on your skin. It thoroughly unclogs pores and preps the skin for a moisturizer like Tony Moly’s The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream. Bless your skin with its green tea extracts, lemon seed oil and rosewood oil for intense hydration.

The Sunscreen

You don’t need to wait for summer to wear sunscreen. With everyday commutes, sun exposure is apparent and may contribute to wrinkles and spots. Protect your hydrated skin from harmful UV rays with a spritz of Belo SunExpert SPF 50 Transparent Mist. Its Cell Protect Technologyworks to strengthen your skin’s defense system.

All products are available at SM Supermalls.

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