This regimen can help break the maskne curse

The answer might be surprising

Skin irritations might seem unavoidable if you always have a piece of cloth rubbing against your skin, but don’t be too quick to conclude that maskne (that’s mask + acne, FYI) has no solution. Just because we take the risk of virus transmission seriously doesn’t mean that we no longer get to care for our skin. But how exactly do you prevent acne breakouts without fully abandoning your mask?

It’s all about the fit

One of the easiest ways to prevent maskne is to make sure that the masks we wear fit properly. Masks that are too loose can rub against the skin even more, while masks that are too tight can cause cuts and abrasions, which definitely hurt more than pimples. It’s also important to wear clean masks always, both for health and skin purposes. Don’t reuse disposable masks and make sure to dispose of them properly.

Clean act

For cloth masks or reusable masks, make sure to thoroughly clean them after use. Masks trap a lot of dirt, oil, sweat and dust that can damage the skin once used over and over or for too long. It’s also worth it to consider buying reusable masks made with a soft cloth, like cotton, so it won’t be harsh on the skin. Just make sure that it’s not a flimsy layer of cloth because we’re still prioritizing protection from virus transmission. 

Start with cleansing

The improper use of masks can be blamed for maskne, but that’s usually not the whole story. Improper skincare routines contribute to flare-ups too. Knowing that masks harbor different kinds of dirt and bacteria, you have to focus on cleansing in your skincare regimen. Remember to get a gentle cleanser though, as an abrasive cleanser can actually make things worse. 

SPF helps—a lot

With the country’s tropical climate, your skin will become less prone to acne if it’s not drying out and peeling so a good sunscreen and moisturizer combo is a good bet. Products shouldn’t be oil-based as those can clog pores. Also remember to keep makeup, creams and serums to a minimum so your mask won’t be too drenched. 

Get it treated by experts

It also wouldn’t hurt to meet with a professional, especially when things get out of hand. Like all medical problems, it’s best handled by experts. Dermcare’s Pimple Treatment with Seaweed Mask is a professional service that can tame your breakouts. The treatment process cleanses and hydrates the skin while ensuring oxygen promotion to prevent acne from coming back. The seaweed mask is packed with antibacterial properties that can effectively minimize acne marks and scars. 

Maskne is something that can easily be prevented and treated when paired with smart mask use and a proper skincare regimen. It might be difficult to struggle with breakouts and to put on a face mask every day knowing that you might come home with a pimple or two, but masks are essential. At least be comforted that your skin can breathe at night and on your days off, just as long as you follow the correct skin regimen.

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