Beauty Preps You Can Do Before Heading To Holiday Parties

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As the holiday season approaches, endless parties come up left and right. From office shindigs to family reunions, you’ll find yourself hopping from one party to the next in a clock’s tick. But during this busy time, you might find it hard to squeeze in your much-needed beauty prep in between these gatherings. Ever dreamt of being a holiday glam-inspiration even with your tight schedule? Good news for you! You can slay an eye-candy look this entire season. Before your big holiday event comes up, make sure to get your sweet beauty fix at Hey Sugar!


1 Week Before: Get a gorgeous gaze with an eyelash extension

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Your lashes can be just a small part of your face but it makes a lot of difference. Long, full lashes can level up any look in a blink. Get eyes that speak happy words of holidays with an eyelash extension at Hey Sugar! Skip the mascara and fake lashes on your makeup routine– perfect for low-maintenance girls. A more permanent and natural-looking way to prep your lashes, get a party ready gaze in a blink of an eye.


5 Days Before: Dare to go bare with smooth and hair-free skin

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The perfect time to wear that dress you’re saving for or that outfit you fancy is during the holidays. Beam with carefree and hair-free confidence in any outfit with a sweetly smooth skin. Book a waxing session at Hey Sugar! before the season starts. With their purely organic sugar wax, an effective, less painful, and completely safe hair removal session awaits.


3 Days Before: Make your eyebrows on fleek

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It goes without saying that kilay is life. Your eyebrows frame and define your face so it’s just proper that you shape and thread it regularly. Attain beauty at its peak with eyebrows on fleek. Have your unkempt brows threaded at Hey Sugar! and be at the pinnacle of a perfect look this holiday season.



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