We all have that friend or family member who’s constantly busy. You don’t know how she does it, but even when she’s stressed, she does her best to be there for you when you’re the one getting stressed out. This Christmas season, it’s your turn to treat your superhuman of a busy bee friend or family! Pamper her with a salon or spa experience she’ll never forget throughout the year. Here are our Pampering Presents picks:

1. Nailing it with a manicure and pedicure session

Is your friend always biting her nails over work and life? A relaxing hand and foot spa plus a manicure and pedicure session in Nail-a-holics and Tips N’ Toes Nail Salon will help keep the stress at bay and let her feel fab and stylishly good, too!


Tips N’ Toes Nail Salon

2. Best face forward with facial treatments

Make sure your loved one always puts her best face forward! Stress always shows on the face. That’s why relaxing and recharging is always good for one’s health and skin. Give your friend a break from all her worries and a facial treatment to rejuvenate her skin at Let’s Face It and Skin Station. They also have hand and foot spa treatments and even dermatological treatments, so you can pick out other services you want to include in your Pampering Present.

Let’s Face It


 3. New hair, new you

The hair is one’s crowning glory! Treat your friend like royalty with a new hairdo along with a new color or other hair treatments at Going Straight, David’s Salon, and Fix Bench Salon. Drop by their branches at an SM Mall near you!

Going Straight


David’s Salon

Fix Bench Salon

4. Skin Surprise!

The gift of having great skin is something surely your friend or family will never forget! Treat him/her to skin treatments from Bench Skin Expert and Dermclinic.

Bench Skin Expert


 5. Massage the stress away

A good massage goes a long way in making one feel better! Treat your friend to a long and relaxing massage at Sundrops Day Spa. If he/she has always been experiencing back and muscle pains, you can also book him/her for a consultation at Visma Massage and Accutherapy Clinic and Karada Japanese Body Therapy to get rid of those problems once and for all.


Sundrops Day Spa

Visma Massage & Accutherapy

Karada Japanese Body Therapy

6. Smile for all seasons

Make your loved one smile with a dental treatment package. Treat him/her to Dental City and Metro Dental this season!

Dental Clinic


Metro Dental

Gifts don’t just come in special items. They can also be in relaxing experiences which your friends and family will surely remember you by in the year to come! Remember to get your Pampering Presents only at SM Malls.

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