Attention, beauty junkies! There are ways to enable your beauty obsession without breaking the bank.

Fact: Beauty doesn’t come cheap.

If you’re planning to invest in skincare (you really should, by the way), or is the type who obsess on the latest makeup trends, you know that replenishing your kikay kit when your go-to lipstick runs out can put a serious dent on your wallet.

But there are ways to get by.

 1. Test and swatch

There’s a reason why beauty brands have testers and samples ready at their counters. Don’t be afraid to try a product out, especially one that’s way out of your budget, before you consider purchasing it. Ask questions – the brand’s makeup artist or representative is there to help you settle on a decision. Bottom line: swatch that lipstick first, girl!

 2. Buy a dupe

Every time Kylie comes out with brand new lip kits, pandemonium ensues. And you think: you just have to have those gorgeous lip crèmes in varying nude hues she and her sister Kim have collaborated on. But if your bank account just won’t allow you to splurge, know that it’s easy to find similar products for a much better price. Research and hunt for dupes! Almost all beauty products have alternatives and they’re usually similar in color and consistency. It’s a win-win really – you get to keep your look and save some cash at the same time.

 3. Check your collection

Beauty enthusiasts swear by the mantra that there’s always room for more makeup. But hey, remember that you don’t need to accumulate multiple eyeshadow palettes or liquid lipsticks of the same color. Once a month, do an inventory of your collection to keep track of the products you already have, so you don’t end up buying more. Smart!

 4. Subscribe to a beauty box service

Ever heard of beauty boxes? Well, the most awesome thing about them is that you get to try different beauty products (sometimes deluxe sized, trial sized, or full sized) without paying full price. Fortunately, there’s a subscription service in the country for all your beauty and grooming needs. Meet Saladbox – it sends out curated beauty boxes to its members every month. Subscription starts at P1,500 for three months. Another great thing about Saladbox: they regularly partner with premium beauty brands (Benefit Cosmetics and VMV Hypoallergenics), so you know you’re getting your money’s worth for your monthly subscription. Plus points that they have boxes for men, too!

Lucky you! This month, you can win one of the 10 exclusive beauty boxes from Saladbox.

Each box contains the following:

  • 1 Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Double the Lip Lipstick-Lip-Liner-in-One
  • 1 VMV Hypoallergenics (either Essence Skin Saving Milk Conditioner, Essence Skin Saving Superwash, or Grandma Minnie’s The Bug, Brave Boo Boo Balm)
  • 1 Glamglow Mud Mask
  • 1 Farmstay Snail Cream
  • 1 Pond’s Age Repair Day or Night Cream
  • 1 Pond’s BB Cream

Make sure to visit Shopmag’s Facebook and Instagram for more details. Good luck!

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