Nitpick no more—I’m embracing my physical ‘flaws’

Checking “learn to love myself” off my quarantine to-do list

Loving yourself is often easier said than done. The months-long lockdown has caused many of us to hyperfocus on our looks—worrying about weight gain, not being able to get our monthly facial treatments, and so on. It’s okay to not feel great about how you look at times—it’s totally normal. What’s not okay is associating physical flaws with self-worth. I blame heteronormative standards and mainstream media for making us think we should be attractive to be happy.

Personally, I nitpick on my weight and the scarring on my face even before Ms. Rona came into our lives. Not surprisingly, pandemic anxiety changed my eating and sleeping habits, and I started picking at my face out of stress. Self-esteem? I didn’t know her.

But one thing I’ve learned during the lockdown is that these flaws are a part of us and we should embrace them. Not easy, but you can start your journey of acceptance by doing these steps.

Follow more body and skin neutrality accounts

Both body and skin neutrality have the same goal: encouraging people to accept the body they’re in and focusing on the inner self instead of looks. It destigmatizes the notion that one is “unhealthy” or “ugly” if their features don’t adhere to society’s definition of beauty. 

More often than not, social media can contribute to people’s unhealthy obsession with looking perfect, so it’s important to fill your feed with accounts that promote body diversity. Not only will these educate you, they’ll also help in your self-love journey.

Appreciate other aspects

Remember: Your physical appearance doesn’t represent you as a whole. Your achievements are worth talking about too and you should be proud of yourself for succeeding. Also, don’t forget to appreciate your body for helping you work and reach your goals.

Be your own cheerleader

If self-love queen Lizzo taught us anything, it’s to look in the mirror and say, “I love you, you are beautiful and you can do anything.” You can make your own mantra, too!

Do what makes you happy

Don’t let people stop you from eating your favorite comfort snack or working out, among other activities. If you’re not putting yourself or anyone else at risk, then what you do with your body is none of their business.

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