Make a Statement with These Short Hair Styles

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Your hair is your crowning glory that dictates what first impression you will get. Your hair’s length, style, and color say a lot about your personality. Check out these short hair styles for women and change up your look.


Bob and bangs

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A bob cut is a classic hair style for little girls but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one too! Get matching mother and daughter hair styles from expert stylists from Tony and Jackey Salon to further highlight your daughter’s cuteness.


Beach waves

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Radiate summer as you enter a room when you style your short hair with beach waves. Let your hair express the fun-loving and carefree you, just like the waves of the sea. Vivere Salon’s great sense of style and cutting experience will surely give you the look you’ve been aspiring for.



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Play around with your hair cut style and experiment with an undercut. This unconventional hairstyle shows that you are not an ordinary girl. Get precision cuts needed for this fierce hairstyle from certified hair experts at NORA Hair Salon and give off the impression that you are a woman in charge.


Pixie Cut

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Show off your femininity and confidence by getting a low maintenance and easy-to-style haircut. Let everyone know that you are a force to be reckoned with. The hairstylists from Going Straight Salon have undergone intensive training from international brands to provide you with the best hairstyle you want to achieve.


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