Top 6 Luxurious Beauty Items

Restocking your beauty must-haves?

From rich skin creams and top beauty services all the way down to gold necklaces, SM Supermalls has all the luxurious beauty items you need.

With all that’s been going on in your daily life, you deserve to pamper yourself once in a while. After all, a little bit of self-love can work wonders for your wellness.

If you plan on splurging and treating yourself in the best way possible, SM Shopmag is here with the ultimate collection of lavish products and services for you!

Step into a world of elegance to fit your lifestyle. The best part about everything on this list? They never compromise quality. #ShopAtSM because we’ve got all your luxurious needs covered!


Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and were amazed by the people with beautiful glass skin? What’s not to love about it, right? Their complexions were exceptionally smooth, flawless, and lustrous.

We’ve got good news for you! You don’t have to spend hours envying them or scouring around for the top luxurious skincare products again. When it comes to beauty, Clinique is your go-to! This brand has never failed to impress us with luxurious and high-quality cosmetic products.

You too can easily achieve that gorgeous looking skin with the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator. Add this to your skincare routine and dab on an addictively rich and refreshing gel cream.

Treat your skin today and give it an instant moisture boost that lasts up to 72 hours, even after washing your face. Trust us, you’ll love waking up to your skin looking plump, dewy, and glowing.


Flawless Ultimate White Facial

Let’s face it. All that stress takes a toll on your skin. Acne, dullness, and dryness – these are some of the skincare nightmares that we all know too well.

While stress is inevitable, a luxurious facial treatment can help regain beautiful skin. Why don’t you step up your beauty regimen by availing of the Ultimate White Facial from Flawless?

By using combined natural ingredients from the Dead Sea such as Dunaliella Seaweed and Gigawhite, this wondrous treatment can instantly lighten and rejuvenate your skin.

Indulge in a refreshing facial steam, pore cleansing and exfoliation, rich creams, lotions, facial masks, and relaxing massages to reveal younger and radiant-looking skin.

Try out their totally worth it products as well. You won’t regret purchasing their highly effective Acne Control Kits and Whitening Kits. Start your beauty journey with Flawless today!


Cre8 Salon Eyelash Extensions

You can now say goodbye to the days when you had to reapply mascara all the time. Wake up to full and long lashes every single day! Head to Cre8 Salon to avail of their Eyelash Extensions service.

After you leave the salon, you’ll definitely love walking around with those snatched thick and natural-looking eyelashes!


Bangs Prime Salon Black Class Rebond

Once you notice that you can’t manage your frizzy and dry hair, it’s time to head to a salon that offers top-notch hair treatments. After all, taking care of your hair is just as important as any part of your body.

Get that silky and straight mane you’ve been dreaming about at Bangs Prime Salon! Avail of the Black Class Rebond that relaxes your hair and makes every curl turn straight.

With their top-notch hairstylists coming all the way from Korea, you can rest assured that you will achieve beautifully rebonded hair that looks nothing less than elegant.


Oro China Jewelry

When you think of luxury, jewelry may immediately come to mind! These accessories look elegant and bring confidence to the wearer as well.

If you’re all about treating yourself, Oro China has been the prime jewelry choice in the country for over 50 years. The team offers a wide variety of timeless and high-quality jewelry. From the most exquisitely designed necklaces, rings, earrings, all the way to bracelets – they’ve got everything in their stores.

You’ll definitely find the perfect pieces for you here!


Guess Clothing

If you want to feel luxurious, you’ve got to look luxurious as well. Get the most fashionable clothing pieces from the global lifestyle brand Guess.

The American retailer brand is known worldwide for its iconic logo pieces, innovative denim, dresses, shoes, handbags, accessories, and many more. Wear fashion-forward collections created by the top designers for trendsetting individuals like you today.


Key Takeaway

On the topic of luxury, we can all agree that not everything is considered essential. However, for those who truly desire to treat themselves for their hard work, splurging on these six items is a good start.

When it comes to luxurious beauty items, #ShopAtSM because we’ve got #AllYouNeed in stores. Reward yourself in the best way possible today.

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