Let’s get our space buns ready for #Mars2026

Today, we're learning to put our hair in space buns

“I’m tired of this world.” I bet we’ve all chanted this countless times as we bury our heads in our pillows at 3 a.m.—hoping it’ll just swallow us alive. Or is that just me?

Well, I won’t deny it. This world really gets too tiring sometimes. That’s why when NASA announced that they’re going to send some of our names to Mars in 2026, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. 

Here’s proof we really signed up for that Mars mission by NASA

Yup, it’s just my mere name flying to a different planet (not all of me, sadly) but I’ll take what I can get. And I guess a million Filipinos agree with me since our country secured the top spot for the most number of signups. The desperation shows.

Our names will probably have some good time on Mars while we, lowly humans who desperately want to leave the Earth, will be left here—suffering still. So you know what, let’s just create a whole new galaxy in our hair. Ever heard of space buns? Yes, that’s what we’re going to do.

OG space buns

Ah, the classic. My go-to hairstyle when I was running late for school… which was almost every day.  

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She had green hair, but damn she looked good 😉

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All you have to do is divide your hair into two equal parts, turn them into pigtails (tie them as high as you want), tease the strands to add volume, and then twist and wrap them around your ponytails. But since it’s an updo, please remember that this style only usually works for people with medium to long hair.

Half-up space buns

If you have short hair, ignore the OG space buns because this style is the right one for you. 

Horizontally divide your hair into two sections. Loosely tie the lower part to avoid messing it all up. Now divide the upper section into two equal parts and repeat the same steps as what we did for OG space buns. If you feel like rocking the e-girl look, you can add some glitters or hair clips to your buns. It might be hard to clean up though.

Braided space buns

This kind of space buns is for those people who don’t find twisting a challenge—the same people who often say “I’m not like the others.” 

Regardless if you decide for an updo or a half-up style, braided space buns can work for both. It’s almost the same process. The only difference is you have to loosely braid the pigtails instead of just twisting them. Wrap them around and secure with bobby pins. For added security, you can spray on some hair spray or apply some mousse.

Relaxed space buns

These space buns are so relaxed your hair doesn’t even need to be accurately divided into equal parts. You can go as messy as you’re comfortable with.

As usual, do the same process as the other three styles mentioned above. This time though, don’t tie the buns too high. Just loosely wrap your twisted hair around your ponytails and keep them at the back of your head.

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