Phone Giveaway: Choose Which LANY Song Fits Your Every Mood!

Heartbroken over a breakup? Deeply in love with someone? Finally deciding to move on? Don’t worry, there’s a LANY song for your every mood.

Let’s admit it. Sometimes, you just need to close the doors and listen to songs that fit your emotions throughout the day. Thankfully, LANY is here with the best tracks for you!

Since the American indie rock band was formed in 2014, they brought us soul-crushing songs with themes of love and heartbreak.

LANY is immensely popular in the Philippines. Filipino fans have a special place in the trio’s hearts which led to them coming back to the country for numerous concerts. We really love our heart-wrenching songs, don’t we?

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So, if you’re wondering which LANY song you need to listen to right now. We’re here with five songs to give you the major feels. The best part about it? SM Shopmag is having a phone giveaway. Read on to get a chance to win an all-new Vivo V19 Neo!

When You Just Want To Cry: Malibu Nights


As the title track on LANY’s album, Malibu Nights surely hits hard for those who are trying to cope with a breakup. Get your cry-proof Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara because this song is guaranteed to result in a sob-fest!

With lyrics like, “I got way too much time to be this hurt. Somebody help, it’s getting worse. What do you do with a broken heart?”, listeners will surely relate to the feeling of a heavy and confusing type of sorrow.

If you’re going through post-breakup agony or just need a really good cry, Malibu Nights is the song for you. Immerse yourself in all the LANY songs with high-quality sound using the Vivo V19 Neo! What’s even better? We’re giving away one from September 10 to 29, 2020.

Hurry up and get a chance to win by simply commenting on this article about your favorite LANY song and your September mood together with the hashtags #AllYouNeed and #VivoForShopmag. Don’t forget to share this article on your Facebook profile for more chances of winning!

When You Feel Grateful For Your Loved Ones: If This Is The Last Time


Now more than ever is the time to appreciate what we have right now. The track “If This Is The Last Time” was inspired by the inevitable truth that one day our parents will not be here anymore.

If you feel grateful for your parents, this is the tribute song to pull at your heartstrings. Don’t forget to pick up the phone and ask your parents how they are. With the Vivo V19 Neo’s Dual Sim feature, it won’t matter what network they use. Enjoy heartfelt conversations because they probably miss you a lot too.

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When You Feel So In Love: ILYSB


Have you been all about how young love feels lately? Can’t help your heart from racing every time you think about the person? ILYSB is the track to signify your mood!

With lyrics like, “Ain’t never felt this way. Can’t get enough so stay with me”, it leaves a sick-in-love impression that many people yearn for. Dedicated to the ones who are crazy in love, this song is for those who feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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When The Person You Like Doesn’t Like You Back: Super Far


Super Far is the song for notorious “paasa” people. We’re all too familiar with the case where one person gives and the other gets. If you feel like you’re waiting on someone who shows you nothing but false hopes, it’s time to blast this song ASAP.

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When You Finally Decide To Move On: I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore


The last track on our list is another “hugot anthem”. The starting lyrics reminisce about the past memories with lines such as “I missed watching you get dressed in our hazy bedroom light” and “Remembered us in London, your chocolate covered eyes”.

However, the chorus becomes an eye-opener for the singer. Listen to “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” once you finally learn to get over the past and let go. From now on, there’s nothing but self-love ahead of you! Treat yourself with a Classic Facial from Flawless. Trust us, you deserve the luxurious facial treatment.

Key Takeaway

Whatever feelings you are experiencing right now, there’s a LANY song for your every mood. Join our promo and get a chance to win the Vivo V19 Neo. SM Shopmag is here to help you gear up for your next LANY soundtrip session!

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