7 KPop Songs To Suit Your Every Mood

Let’s admit it. Kpop is taking the world by storm. Heartbroken? Falling in love? Need a girl-power anthem? There’s a Kpop song to suit your every mood! Sometimes, you just need to blast music that fits your emotions for the day. Thankfully, we’re here to provide you with just that. Read on!

When You’re In Love With Someone – My Universe by Stray Kids

Have you been bitten by the love bug and can’t help but feel so attracted to someone?
“My Universe” is the song for your mood!

As the 8th track on Stray Kids’ latest repackaged album, “My Universe” is sung by the group members Seungmin, I.N., and Changbin. With English lyrics like, “Every moment is a new best scene, and the stars are all glittering looking down on us like they don’t want to miss a single moment”, it explains the all too familiar feeling of falling deeply in love.

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When You Can’t Get Over Someone – Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang

They say you shouldn’t trust a Kpop fan who doesn’t know the lyrics “Mianhae mianhae hajima” from Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. When this song was released back in 2014, it had everyone shook with its music video because the picture of actress Min Hyo Rin is lit up in flames.

As the lead track on the album, Eyes, Nose, Lips surely hits hard for those who are hurting from a breakup. Grab your tear-proof Happy Skin At Long Lash Supercurl Waterproof Mascara because this song will definitely have you bawling your eyes out.

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When You’re Going Through Hard Times In Life – Magic Shop by BTS

There’s no doubt that the daily challenges of life can be stressful and sometimes you’ll feel outright tired. Now more than ever is the time to listen to songs that motivate you! The track “Magic Shop” by BTS is your best choice for this mood.

As a dedicated song for ARMYs, BTS member Jungkook co-wrote and co-produced the track that aims to encourage listeners to never give up on days when they feel tired, sad, or frustrated. The “Magic Shop” is a place where people can heal their hurt.

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When You Feel Like Loving Yourself – Just Right by GOT7

While it’s true that “Just Right” by GOT7 immediately grabs the attention of listeners with a catchy beat and a youth-filled concept music video, it isn’t difficult to understand why the song is loved by many.

Turn on the subtitles and listen to lyrics like “Mirror, mirror please tell her. Scale, please tell her too. That she doesn’t need to change anything. That she’s pretty and perfect just as she is right now”.

These days, the power of lyrics is extremely important for a generation that is constantly pressured by beauty standards. GOT7 perfectly delivers a message to self-conscious people about loving themselves.

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When You Just Feel Happy – Red Flavor by Red Velvet

Sometimes, you just need a song that fits your happy mood. For that, the song “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet is definitely your next go-to! Once you see the music video and listen to the catchy beat of the song, you will immediately get that feel-good and carefree vibe!

What better way to boost your mood than to blast a happy song at home, right? So turn on your JBL Xtreme 2 and dance away to “Red Flavor”.

When You Just Feel Like Relaxing – Palette by IU feat. G-Dragon

If you feel like relaxing, Palette by IU featuring G-Dragon is the song to match your mood! The lyrics are intentional and lean on the topic of individualism. Along with the beautiful harmonies in the background, it can bring you a peaceful vibe.

The retro synth-pop beats are perfect for those late-night car rides or for times when you just want to watch the world go by. Sit back and play this song when you want to have a relaxing time.

When You’re Finally Ready To Move On – SOLO by Jennie

The last track on our list is a “moving on” anthem. SOLO is the first single by Jennie of Kpop girl group Blackpink. The starting lyrics talk about being tired of a relationship with lines like “Innocent and delicate. I’m tired of pretending. I’m done.”

However, the chorus and next verses become an eye-opener for the singer and she realizes she wants to be true to herself and shine alone. In an interview with Billboard, Jennie said that SOLO is all about being true to yourself and being confident.

Listen to SOLO when you’re finally ready to get over the past and realize you deserve so much better. So go ahead and go on a skincare shopping spree at The Face Shop. From now on, your priority is yourself!

Key Takeaway

Whatever your emotions are for today, there’s a Kpop song to suit your every mood. At SM Shopmag, we’re here to help you gear up for your next sound trip session and glow up!

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