Innisfree Finally Opens In The Biggest Shopping Center In The Philippines

Right after the news broke about Innisfree finally opening a physical store in the Philippines, all K-beauty fans were unsurprisingly excited! Now let’s get to know more about this beauty brand that makes our Korean hearts flutter.

Can you tell us a bit more about Innisfree?
[Innisfree] offers innovative beauty solutions powered by the finest natural ingredients found on Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. Thanks to its volcanic origins, this fertile oasis has a unique ecosystem with abundant resources to nurture beautiful skin. With the wonders of nature at the heart of Innisfree, we take great care to preserve and protect the environment in all that we do.

What makes Innisfree different from other Korean cosmetic brands?
We offer [a wide] range of products from make-up, hair care, body care, lifestyle not just for women, but also for men. Our ingredients are mostly from Jeju Island.

What are the top 5 Innisfree products that people should try out?

  1. Green Tea Seed Serum
  2. Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2x
  3. Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream
  4. Bija Cica Balm
  5. No sebum powder

Are there any upcoming or new product lines Filipinos could look forward to?
Here at Innisfree we give you the latest trend in K-beauty. Innisfree is in its quest for innovation and research. All in reasonable prices that won’t hurt your budget.

Why was Philippines the next stop for the brand?
We will definitely continue researching what the customers need and want – K-beauty. In today’s culture, Filipinos are naturally drawn to Korean influences, especially the K-beauty skincare regimen. With our brand, we are excited to offer our Filipino consumers skincare with quality selection of products and green sustainable practices. We are also committed to expanding and establishing a long-term presence here.

Why did the team choose SM Mall of Asia for the first concept store of Innisfree here in the Philippines?
SM Mall of Asia is one of the biggest shopping center in the Philippines.

Are you planning to expand branches in the coming years?
Yes, we are continue to expand branches in the coming years.

Innisfree Philippines opens to public on November 23 at the SM Mall of Asia.

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