Help, how do I switch hairstyles without a cut?

Shoutout to people who complain about their "boring" hair but won't go near any scissors

Let me tell you a quick story: My sister’s been sporting short hair since forever. So I bugged her every single day to let it grow for once—until she finally did. And she’s doing great so far—she hasn’t cut it for seven months.

But now she wants to do something new with her hair without cutting it. So if you have the same dilemma as hers, keep on reading. Here are no-cut hairstyles that don’t require a pair of cursed scissors.


no-cut hairstyle: bleached hair
Bleached hair in fashion color

I get it, bleach has a bad reputation. But before you object, hear me out first. Bleaching isn’t as damaging as people say if an expert does it for you. With bleached hair, you can dye your hair any color you want (yes, even rainbow).


no-cut hairstyle: perm
Digital perm

For straight-haired people out there, take this as a sign to try some waves. Just like bleaching, perming won’t harm your hair if done correctly. It can even give your hair extra volume. Plus, perms can last for up to eight months with proper care and maintenance.

Hair rebond

no-cut hairstyle: straightened hair
Hair straightening or rebonding

I know you love your natural curls. But sometimes, you just need to switch things up a bit. Hair rebonding permanently straightens your curls without over-frying it. It’s an innovative straightening system that won’t make your hair look flat.

Now if you’re still hesitant, David’s Salon has some of the best local hair professionals. You can always reach out to them and seek their advice. They also have a bunch of hair services available—including all three mentioned above.

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