His is the epitome of the one-size-fits-all philosophy

YouTube sensation and Filipino Beauty guru PATRICKSTARRR is making history with his collection with MAC Cosmetics. Think about it, a major global makeup brand which has teamed up with Rihanna, Zac Posen, Rossy de Palma, and other big names in fashion, beauty, and entertainment is tapping this social media sensation. We’ve hit a milestone in terms of how organic, non-manufactured talent can make it mainstream.

PATRICKSTARRR is also so far from the typical mold of what “beautiful” is. As a member and advocate of the LGBT community, he practices what he preaches: “Beauty is one size fits all.” He grew his YouTube channel from an earnest need to reach out and share his talent, even if it was just through a make-shift setup at home. His product reviews are honest, witty, and relatable. While his tutorials prove how the transformative nature of makeup can be empowering.

And there are so many people who have put their faith in Patrick as well, from Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry to our own Pia Wurtzbach. His message goes beyond borders and this is also what the 12-piece collection represents. Patrick says of the collab, “I think the inspiration behind this was very much PATRICKSTARRR, but to make sure it’s universal. Everyone loves glamor, makeup, and sparkle.” He also believes the products will give you more than a pouty lip or a nice eyeshadow look, “I wanted anyone who didn’t know me to be able to use these products to create confident, glamorous, fierce, very PATRICKSTARRR-esque looks through my collection.”

And if you think the selection is limited for people of a certain skin tones, think again. The collection has three lipsticks, glosses, and lipstick liners, two eyeshadow quads, and a finishing powder that are flattering on every skin tone — you’ll definitely find a piece or two that will be just the right one for your makeup stash. Choose from the pinky nude “She Betta Werrrk” or the intense brown red of “Mahogany” for the lipsticks, for example.

Fans of MAC Cosmetics will also enjoy Patrick’s personal take on their cult classics such as the red lipstick “Patrick Woo” and “Patrick’s Powder,” which is great for your baking and setting needs.

If you’re a MAC eyeshadow fan, you’ll love the quads Patrick has picked out, which includes reliable shades such as “Saddle” and “Amber Lights” along with the shadows Patrick created such as “OMIGAUD” and “I’m Into It.” They are fun and they give you that extra push to experiment with makeup or to update your look.

Above all, the PATRICKSTARRR x MAC collab is all about how dreams can come true. It represents how an online beauty guru can touch so many lives to a point where big brands have to take notice.

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