Feeling adventurous? Why not go for a buzzcut this quarantine?

It’s a big leap but trust us, you’ll get a real buzz out of it

Who says buzzcuts are just for men? Women can rock them, too. I have a friend who shaved all her hair off and she said it was one of the most liberating things she’s done. Did quarantine make her do it? Possibly. She looked great though.

I know shaving your head is a huge commitment. Getting quarantine bangs is one thing, but going bald is another layer of stress. Our suggestion is to shave the sides of your head or get an undercut first to see if the buzzcut life is for you. What’s fun about this is that you can experiment with bold ways to style your hair around the buzzcut.

You might be thinking, “Where should I go to get a buzzcut? Should I just do it myself?” A lot of my female friends who shaved their heads have always suggested going to a barber shop to ensure that you’ll get a clean cut done by pros. Even though we’re still in the middle of quarantine, some barber shops are open and following safety protocols so they can serve patrons.

Establishments like Bruno’s Barbers and GQ Barbershop offer haircuts with shampoo, while Sports Barbers have Knockout Packages that include haircuts with hair treatment. For an extra step, you can get your hair colored at Headmaster Barbershop.

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If any man in your life wants to get a haircut as well, you’re free to bring them along. Heroes Barbers and HQ Barbershop offer shaving and grooming services for men. Both of you can enjoy a massage while bonding over your new buzzcuts.

Think about it: Getting a full buzzcut will save you time in fixing your hair, as well as money since you don’t have to restock much on products—except maybe products to keep your scalp healthy. I personally don’t know if I’ll get a buzzcut myself, but I do understand the liberation that comes with it.



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