Count Innisfree’s new collection in for a 2021 skincare overhaul

Yes, we’re changing things up in the skincare department

After the wack year that was, we all need a do-over. Aside from promises to be strict about work-life balance or to religiously exercise at least thrice a week, it might also be time for a skincare and beauty overhaul. Here are some warning signs that are telling you to rethink your regimen—and the new products you can add to your new routine.

You’re changing your daily routine 

You’ve probably made a lot of resolutions this 2021 that can affect your day to day routine like trying out a different workout regimen, getting used to a different work shift, or changing your diet. All these can affect your skin’s health, so your skincare has to adapt accordingly. 

Little changes are best since you have to see first how your new routine is impacting your skin. A good product to shift to is Innisfree’s Black Tea Youth Enhancing Serum. This lightweight gel is a good introduction to Innisfree’s black tea line. It contains a reset concentrate that can help the skin around your eyes stay invigorated and moisturized and can also help diminish the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

It’s taking longer to see effects from your current roster 

It might be time to show your favorite holy-grail I’ll-never-let-go-of-this product the boot once your skin becomes accustomed to it. Even the best  products can stop helping your skin look its best once you’ve used it enough times. In the case of a regimen overhaul, choosing products is half the battle. To see results, you need to stick to it religiously for a minimum three weeks. Once it works, you can continue on with it until next year, when it’s time to reevaluate your routine again. 

For new products, it’s best to start off with something directed at your skin problems. The Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule from Innisfree targets skin fatigue so it’s all about improving your skin’s dullness, firmness and uneven texture. The reset concentrate that comes with it helps repair skin overnight, so your skin doesn’t even have to suffer through multiple applications throughout the  day. The dense formula can be used at night and your skin can become relatively better the morning after—a big improvement from your previous routine that no longer has any effect.

Your skin visibly changed 

Last year was stress overload—and your skin knew it. If you’ve suffered from mask-related breakouts, flakiness and irritation, it’s probably time to swap out your current products for better ones that can help protect and rejuvenate your skin after a long day. Innisfree’s Black Tea Youth Enhancing Cream helps your skin recover overnight because of a reset concentrate that moisturizes and soothes dry skin. 
The new black tea cream isn’t only for dry skin. If your skin has become oily over the past year, it might be counterintuitive to slather on creams, but moisturizing oily skin prevents it from becoming too dry and overproducing oils and causing acne breakouts. Innisfree’s youth cream won’t clog pores and won’t trap oils underneath its protective layer—so it’s a good bet for a new moisturizer.

Increased sensitivity

You might have tried one too many skincare fads over the past year, which is understandable since 2020 gave us too many skincare trends to count. The effect on your skin, however, is not something to celebrate. Sensitive skin is usually caused by strong chemicals, harsh skin practices, hormonal changes or lack of sleep (those late-night Animal Crossing sessions are not a good look). If you want to get over a sudden increased skin sensitivity, you have to take your skincare routine down a notch

Go only for mild ingredients and gentle hydrating formulas.  Innisfree’s Ampoule Mist is easy on the skin and easy to use, far from your 10-step routine of 2020 past. Just spritz this fine, fog-like mist on after washing your face with a gentle cleanser and you’re all set. The mist has instant soothing properties to combat itchiness or redness. You can also use this throughout the day to make sure that your face is hydrated enough. 

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