A hairstyle cheat sheet for guys with long locks

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Unless you have really curly and frizzy hair, the quiff works well with all hair types. The rule of thumb is to have shorter strands on the sides and back of the head, with longer locks at the front and crown. Don’t pole on the products when styling, as this can cause the hair to become limp and flat. Just blow-dry hair using a comb or your fingers for extra body and volume. Slick a pea-sized amount of pomade through your hair from front to back.


Parting the hair at the center is one of the most low-maint ways to style long locks. But if you want to look more edgy, shave or cut the sides a little and comb the longer strands over them, then apply wax or pomade for some sleekness and shine. Avoid heavy products as these can weigh down and make hair look lifeless.


To achieve this style, use a fine-toothed comb to define the part, then blow-dry using a hairbrush. Work a bit of wax or pomade through hair to give it a casually ruffled look. Pro tip: Ask your barber to blade the part so you’ll have a guide for future stylings.


To pull off this ‘do, you need messy bangs and artfully arranged long locks that cover or fall over one eye. If you have thin, fine hair, use a volumizing product to give it a boost.


This simple yet stylish ‘do is best paired with a scruffy beard (or a modest five o’clock shadow) to give you a street- but-sweet look, a la Chris Evans in Avengers: Infinity War. If you have curly hair, try this trick: Get a hairbrush to draw hair away from the front of the head and blow-dry while the strands are still wet. Use hairspray to keep the curl and texture, then apply wax or clay to hold your locks in place.

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