Beauty chat: Here’s where to watch the livestream that’ll help us celebrate and love ourselves

Bonus: It’s a collab with our fave makeup brands—MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and Clinique

Shameless confession: For the past several months that we’ve been in quarantine, my life has become quite… monotonous. Unlike most people on social media who are sooo motivated to do things they wouldn’t have the time to do before, there I was, stuck in a rut. And I bet a lot of you would scream “Same!” in your minds while reading this. 

To be fair, it’s really nice seeing all these people find something positive out of our situation and become better versions of themselves, right? But let’s face it: this isn’t the case for everyone. Looking at the other side of the quarantine coin, there are individuals who struggle with keeping themselves okay—be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

“We have lost a lot of control over our work, financial security, home life, social environment, personal relationships and more—things that in the past may have been stable and reliable,” said a psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor. So to suddenly have to deal with a lot of uncertainties at once definitely affected our emotional state. We had no choice but to stay home and had no one but ourselves. We’ve become hyper-aware of our physical appearance, mannerisms and the way we deal with things. We look in the mirror and discover a flaw each day—and so falling in love with our reflection suddenly felt like a foreign concept.

Self-kindness goes a long way

“Don’t be too hard on yourself.” “Just be you.” “Chin up, be confident.” We’ve probably lost count of how many times we’ve heard these motivational words from people around us, only to have our minds settle on one thing: “You’re not worth it.” It’s a vicious cycle at this point. We feel bad about ourselves, our friends comfort us and tell us things they think we need to hear, we feel better for some time—until we look in the mirror again and the ugly feeling comes back to torture us.

And no, it’s not like we don’t try to not overthink. But for some reason, even when others tell us not to worry and that we look perfectly fine, there’s always this nagging feeling whenever we see our reflection—an inner voice that insists we look worse than yesterday. So we start (over)criticizing every single thing in our lives: the way we dress, the food we eat and especially the products we use on our face.

We know, this unhealthy habit should stop—right now.

But the question is: how?

On Feb. 19, Friday at 4 p.m., SM Shopmag will collaborate with MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and Clinique for “Beauty Chat”—a live discussion on how makeup and skincare products play an important role in making ourselves fall back in love with our reflection. The virtual event also aims to help us find our love language and ways to practice it not only with the people around us, but with ourselves as well. 

Professional voice artist Inka Magnaye, digital content creator Rei Germar for MAC, beauty blogger Angela Nepomuceno for Estee Lauder, vlogger Aryanna Epperson for Clinique and DJ and events host Bea Fabregas for Bobbi Brown will join the conversation and try their best to answer all our burning questions on how to build confidence, fight insecurities and self-inflicted stress and eventually fall back in love with ourselves. Live viewers will also get a chance to win giveaways that can kickstart a self-care kit. #AllYouNeed to do is #ShopAtSM, join the livestream from start to finish and interact with our guest influencers. 

Sign up at the Facebook event page here and tap “Going” so you’ll be alerted as soon as the show goes live and increase your chances of winning some beauty loot.

Remember: This event may not be able to take all of our insecurities away in one go—but it’s a start. And a good one at that.

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