A 5-step guide to feeling #ShopmagBeautiful this Women’s Month

Let your inner glow shine with these easy tricks to boost your self-confidence. Plus, we’re holding a giveaway contest to help you feel even more gorgeous!

Putting on a pretty outfit is all well and good, but actually looking and feeling beautiful can be a different matter altogether. There are just days when, even with your best look on, your self-confidence goes through a rough patch. It could be for a number of reasons: workplace stress, a bad hair day, or maybe just the overall dragging situation we’re all in. 

This Women’s Month however, we find ourselves reveling in the joy and power of celebrating who we are, rooting for every woman to feel just how special they are inside and out. To take that first step towards shifting your perspective, here are easy tips and tricks to get you feeling cute.

Hype yourself up

No truer words have been spoken than: “You have to be your own cheerleader.” Consider regularly reciting self-affirmations you want to manifest. This can be a quick two-minute routine you can playfully incorporate in your day—do it in front of a mirror or write it down in a journal. The more these positive thoughts about yourself become a mantra, the more they can potentially affect your unconscious thought patterns about your self-confidence for the better.

Get some exercise

We know, getting sweaty and red-faced might sound counterproductive but hear us out. It’s been scientifically proven that physical activity has positive effects on brain chemicals, making you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Moreover, if you find the right activity, you could end up having a ton of summer-soaked fun and bringing a smile to your face. Dance, hike or ride a bike. There’s more to exercise than just doing a bunch of burpees.

Maintain a power pose

No, you don’t have to stand Darna-style all the time (but if that floats your boat, why not?). A power pose could be as simple as improving your posture when you walk or sit. After all, maintaining good posture helps reduce tension in your back and joints, and improves blood circulation and digestion. Best of all, there have been findings that this simple act can boost your self-esteem.

Treat yourself

That’s not just the sweet, sweet joy of instant gratification you’re feeling when you bring home a shiny new package—it might also be your self-esteem rising. A 2012 research found that buying an “attractive item” boosts a buyer’s confidence in making decisions and makes them feel better about themselves. Looks like this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to check out that SM shopping cart, wink wink.

Eat healthy

Yes, ice cream can make everything feel better for a moment, but there’s always too much of a good thing. For example, high-sugar diets can raise a person’s risk of depression. It’s important to keep a balanced diet to make sure your body is in top shape because your mind and self-esteem are sure to follow. Worried about healthy food being boring? Don’t fret, there are many creative ways to prep an exciting and well-balanced recipe. The internet is your friend.

Those weren’t too hard or scary, right? By taking baby steps to feel better about yourself, you’re sure to notice a difference in how you perceive yourself every morning.

Here’s another treat for you

This month, we want to celebrate the beauty of women with a #ShopmagBeautiful giveaway contest of exclusive Shopmag merch and P 2,000 worth of gift certificates! All we want is to hear your answer to this simple question: What makes you feel beautiful? Comment your answer below, then follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @SMShopmag and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You’re all set after that. Deadline of entries is on March 31. We also have a Shopmag Beautiful Instagram filter that you can try out for your Stories while waiting for the lucky winner’s announcement. We’ll be waiting for your entry, gorgeous!

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