7 Exercises for Dad

Do you want to get rid of that Dad Bod, dads (and moms)? Well, what is a Dad without a Dad Bod, right? We’re not shaming the guys who have them though, but we do want our fathers to stay healthy and active so we could enjoy life with them even more!

This Father’s Day, let’s help our dads live healthier with these exercises and workout routines.

1. Back extensions

As a dad, you will have to hold your kid for long periods of time. You will also have to bring around the baby bag as heavy as your kid. To avoid lower back pain and to strengthen your back, do back extensions.


2. Cardio-strength training intervals

You’ll need a lot of energy and strength to keep up with the kids especially when they start running around. Build up your resistance with cardio intervals on the treadmill and strength training floor exercises like push-ups and planks.

Different plank exercises


Different push-up exercises


3. Jump-rope

While you’re at it, why not get your kids to join, too? You can even teach them some tricks. Here’s a video for jump-rope exercises.

4. Sit-ups and Crunches

Get the kids to help you out by holding down your feet and have some bonding time with them, too! Learn the proper way to do effective sit-ups and crunches in these videos:

5. Squats

You’ll be doing a lot of squatting as a dad. Squatting and lifting properly will not only strengthen your knees, quads, and core, but will also let you maintain proper form to minimize injuries and muscle pain. Try exercising with a dumbbell, to build strength and balance.

6. Lunges

You’ll be doing a lot of bending and lunging forwards, backwards, and sidewards when you try and chase your kids around. Make sure your knees, thighs, and legs are all well-oiled by doing lunges.

7. Core exercises

Take care of that pesky Dad Belly with core exercises. To strengthen your core, basic planks, windshield wipers, and scissor kicks will all get the job done.

Being a dad doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising and working out. More than getting rid of that belly, staying active contributes to having good health – and that’s the best thing to have for you, your kids, and your family!

How to properly plank


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