Real beauty is never just about what you put on your face and what you wear. It’s an attitude and a lifestyle. In order for you to feel good you have to make conscious effort to take care of yourself even in just the little ways. Plus, this isn’t just about beauty, it’s about being healthy holistically. You need to build habits that promote a happier you along with products that enforce these habits.

You don’t have to get worried, it’s a total life overhaul. And for sure you a few of these items at home. This is just a little push to utilize them or think a bit more creatively how they can makeup feel beautiful every single day.

Step 1: Light a candle

A good night’s rest is on the list of things that make for great success. But a refreshing snooze isn’t found easily, sometimes you have to create a the air with a humidifiers and essentials oils. You can also invest in a silk pillow case to make it a luxurious experience. Try lighting a scented candle that changes your mood and will always associate with calm thoughts. Try the Yankee Candle in Lavender + Vanilla. It uses the proven relaxing power of lavender along with yummy vanilla. It will help you get your zen and power up that beauty sleep.

Step 2: Smile!

A good smile comes from oral hygiene, that means your favorite toothbrush and toothpaste and also comes from supple, well-moisturized lips. Pack the Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm in your makeup kit so that you never have to be annoyed by flaking lips and you’ll have more confidence to pull of that dark lip. It nourishes with Vitamin E and honey without any parabens, phthalates, petroleum and SLS.

Step 3: Exercise

Studies upon studies show that keeping a regular exercise routine. When you’ve committed to a studio or gym, you need good shoes that can do what you do. Cop this pair of adidas Alphabounce Kolor Shoes. Made in collaboration with Kolor, these shoes have a “sleek, sock-like fit design.” It’s made to flex perfectly with your foot.  Pair this with your trusty insulated bottle so you’ll stay hydrated during your workout. When everything is working right, you’ll feel more fulfillment and that healthy glow will come up.

Step 4: Listen to music

During those long hours in traffic at the back of the car, your favorite songs make the ride go faster. Sadly, we can’t bring our big speakers with us. Still, music helps us get through our day so get a pair of reliable headphones like the Beats Solo3. In an array of pretty colors, you’ll love this whenever on the go. It’s capable of 40 hours of battery life, fast-charging capabilities, and fine-tuned acoustics so you can feel good all day.

Step 5: Read more

When you feel a bit unmotivated, it helps to listen to the icons who’ve been to the worst and the craziest yet still make the best of it. A collection of such stories is in Fashion Lives with Fern Mallis. In this book, fashion insider and New York Fashion Week founder talks to Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs among many other fashion moguls. You’ll surely get several nuggets of wisdom and maybe a few quotes to write in your journals.

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