6 Beauty Looks That You Should Try On Valentine’s Day

If there’s one day in the year you can go all sexy and fabulous, it’s Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re going on a hot date with your significant other or on a fun night out with your ladies, you have the license to put your best hair and face on.

Check out these hair and make-up inspirations that you can definitely try!

1. Lit AF (As Fab) Chocolate Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes will never fail to make you look sexy. Try using deep brown eyeshadow this time around as it works with any skin tone. Apply and smudge all over the eyelid and up to the eyebrow.


2. Sexy Twirls

There’s something about curls and twirls that give your hairdo that extra oomph. First, use a straightening iron to smoothen out your hair. Then, twist and wrap the ends around a curling wand to get curly, sexy volume.

3. Go Nude

For that simple and clean yet glowing look, choose warm nudes for the eyes and lips. For your lips, dab them first with foundation before applying the lipstick. A peachy shade will make your lips livelier and less dull. Top off your nude look by highlighting your cheekbones with a golden bronzer.

4. Sexy Messy Updo

How to achieve the messy yet stylish look? Spray a texturing solution at the roots of your hair, flip it over and gather them into a ponytail. Tie it up and pick out some pieces to fall over your cheeks and ears.

5. Wine-stained Lips

While a bold red lip color will definitely catch your guy’s attention, we suggest trying out a different shade for this love month. Wine, raspberry, and plum-colored lipsticks have recently gone popular because of its dark yet sexy look.

6. Top-up

A tight top knot goes well with any outfit and brings out your cheekbones and other facial features. To achieve this, first use a straightening iron to smooth out the strands. Make a high ponytail and hold with an elastic band. Twist the ends of the air around the base of the band. Use pins to hold the knot if necessary.

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