Loving the skin you are in means giving it the proper attention it deserves. After all, it’s the body’s largest organ. Since nothing beats great skin, we list down the things you must know to keep it on the fountain of youth. It’s about time to listen to what your skin is telling you.

1. Aging starts by early 20s

Contrary to popular belief, it begins at a much earlier time before one’s 30s or 40s. The reason? A steady decline in skin’s ability to produce collagen by 1.5 percent from the time you turn the big 20. The protein is known to be primarily responsible for keeping your skin’s firmness and elasticity in check. It keeps the wrinkles and creases at bay, making skin supple in the process. Fight the signs of aging as early as today. Promote collagen production further with Skin Station’s Collagenesis with Collawhite Serum.

2. Moisturizing matters

Just like our body needs water to power through an entire day, our skin constantly craves hydration. In fact, one shouldn’t go a day without it. It is hydration that allows skin to function at peak levels. When skin cells reach this state, they can rapidly repair themselves and consequently, produce fresh cells. This combats aging as well. A good moisturizer is able to accomplish this feat – locking in water to skin cells and smoothing out rough flaky skin. Regular facials make for good hydrators. Drop by Let’s Face It and make facial masks a habit.

3. A buildup of dead cells is synonymous to clogged pores

Which is probably why your skincare products are not taking full effect. For instance, clogged pores prevent body lotion from even reaching beneath the dermis. It blocks moisture from seeping through and results to coarse skin. Yikes. And so, we’d like to share our heartfelt gratitude to the godsend that is exfoliation. Flawless’ version of the body scrub is a fave for all seasons. Feel instantly rejuvenated as it removes dead, dry, and rough skin – evening out skin tone and improving skin texture.

4. Your skin produces about 60 gallons of sweat in a year

Talk about huge. Did you know that our sweat glands even have the capacity to release as much as 3 gallons of sweat everyday in hot weather? Our humid weather alone is a battlefield. About 3 percent or 200 million of the global population suffer from excessive sweating. With this around the corner, body odor is not too far from reach. Not to mention those icky underarm stains. Say goodbye to those woes with Strip Ministry of Waxing’s No Sweat treatment. You’ll feel like a brand new person afterwards, we promise!

5. The food you eat determines the appearance of your skin

What we allow our bodies to take in will ultimately manifest outwardly. The damaging toxins we ingest from our daily food intake dictates surface impurities, like acne and dullness of skin among others. While it’s imperative that we watch what we eat, it’s equally important to take the next step to help flush out the bad stuff.  A good body wrap is the way to go. An ingredient with high-mineral content helps in the detox department, restoring skin’s tone and vitality. It also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by a wide margin. Skinlux offers a seaweed body wrap treatment for this.

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