5 Low-Key Romantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

1. Cook a romantic dinner for two

Celebrate Valentine’s at your own home! Show off your cooking skills and surprise your partner with a taste of good food. Complete your romantic dinner experience at home by lighting up some scented candles and playing some smooth jazz.

Get cookin’ and head on over to SM Supermarket to get only the freshest ingredients for your special dish for your special night!

2. Create a scrapbook of your favorite moments together 

Show how much you treasure the moments and memories you and your beloved have spent together and show off your creative side, too! Print out your favorite couple photos and put together a scrapbook of all the adventures and sweet moments you’ve experienced.

Have your photos printed out at Photoline and Nice Print Photography and drop by National BookstoreArt CrazeCraft World, and The Craft Central for your arts and crafts supplies

3. Surprise her with her favorite baked sweets

After cooking up a sweet and special dinner course, top it off with a sweet dessert! Satisfy your loved one’s sweet tooth with a homemade chocolate cake, brownies, cookies, or any of his/her favorite baked goods.

Don’t forget to add in the ingredients for your homemade sweets to your shopping list before you drop by SM Supermarket. Pick up your new baking supplies and bakeware at SM Home and Cooks Exchange.

4. Write her a poem

No girl (or guy) can resist some sweet poetry! Pick out a book of poems that closely expresses the way you feel. Go a step further and get inspiration from the sweetest poets of all time and write your own!

You’ll have plenty of literary picks at National BookstoreFully Booked and maybe a really great find at Booksale!

5. Create new memories together

Feeling a little adventurous? Go ice skating or bowling at SM Mall of Asia. Love arcade games? Spend the whole day playing at Timezone. And if you’re feeling a little too romantic, long walks at the bay area while watching the famous Manila sunset isn’t bad, too!

Whatever it is that you want to do, remember that Valentine’s Day should be more than just going to a fancy restaurant and giving flowers, chocolates, and gifts. What’s even sweeter is to do special things for your loved one that he/she will remember everyday – and all that while saving up!

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