While it’s true that bleaching can make hair strands thinner and more prone to breakage, this doesn’t necessarily hold true for all types of color treatments. As a matter of fact, adding color, rather than removing it and sucking life out of your lovely locks, makes your strands bloom and look even fuller. Book an appointment with Bench Fix Salon and take your pick at their carefully curated color treatments at their arsenal.


No matter what your hair type is, proper conditioning should come hand in hand with proper shampooing. Not only does it nourish the scalp, but it also helps your mane grow healthier over time. There are tons of formulas that are specific to any hair type, so make sure you pick out the right one. While you’re at it, take your hair care up a notch with Going Straight Salon’s Brazilian Blowout to retain those fine locks’ smoothness all day, everyday.

With the monster that goes by the name of ‘split ends’, frequent combing or even the help of special masks, products, or oils we apply do not stop the root of the problem. If anything, it only makes our crowning glory even more dull, dry, and tangled. The best solution for this is actually the most practical one yet—getting regular haircuts to rid your hair of those nasty unruly ends. Freshaire has an A-plus bang-for-your-buck haircut with shampoo and blow-dry service, which makes both your hair and pockets smile in delight.

Growing up, we were told to believe this ancient hair myth. The good news is, this is only a half-truth. You don’t necessarily need to sacrifice styling your locks to achieve hair perfection on the daily. It all depends on the tool you have in hand. As long as you’re using the right tools that maintains just the right heat temperature your hair can take, increases hair’s resilience to breakage, and resistance to humidity, and a trusty heat protecting spray, then there’s no need to worry. While you’re at it, bless your tresses with T&J Salon’s Rescue 911 treatment to resuscitate and protect your hair from further damages brought on by styling.

A big fat ‘nope’ for this one. There are certain factors that alter your hair’s texture, albeit temporarily or permanently—be it environment, medication etc. To give your mane the TLC it deserves and make its texture even better, take regular visits to the salon for some hair spa lovin’. We highly recommend Basement Salon’s variety of options for this one.

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