5 budget-saving deals for people who suck at maintaining a self-care routine

Note to whoever needs it: Self-care is as easy as reading a book—literally

We’ve already had our fair share of do-it-yourself self-care routine nightmares over the past year—from following beauty “hacks” on TikTok (which all turned out to be hoaxes, btw) to trying out some at-home breathing exercises that were supposed to ease our anxiety (spoiler: they really didn’t). But can you really blame us? 2020 was a desperate time that called for desperate measures, which was why we even tried all these suspish self-care practices in the first place.

We’ve learned our lesson now though. And based on our horrible experiences, we’ve realized two things: One, it’s really hard to maintain a good self-care routine, and two, nothing’s better than an expert-approved routine. So trust us, these (discounted!) products are exactly what we’ll need for the coming days.

Hair stimulating products

Dealing with a major trauma or a negative life event (death of a loved one, pandemic, sudden and drastic change in lifestyle, etc.) can cause so much pain and stress to a person. And extreme emotional distress, especially when prolonged, can eventually lead to hair fall. While we highly recommend seeking professional support for your psychological well-being, you may leave your hair fall problems to us.

Buy one DocB Hair Stimulating Shampoo, get one DocB Hair Stimulating Conditioner from Bioessence

For starters, you can purchase this DocB Hair Stimulating Shampoo for only P299 and get a bottle of DocB Hair Stimulating Conditioner for free. Both products contain natural ingredients and rogu complex (rosemary oil and gugo extract) that effectively strengthens hair. Hurry though as this promo is only valid while supply lasts.

Books, books and… more books

Reading, according to researchers, can be considered one of the most effective self-care practices. It can relieve stress, reduce risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, improve creativity and help you sleep better. A University of Sussex study even found that it only takes approximately six minutes to ease tension once a person starts reading. And it doesn’t matter what genre you’re reading, as long as you get lost in it.

Buy one, take one bundle: “The Merchant Emperor” by Elizabeth Haydon and “Shock Wave” by Clive Cussler from Books for Less

You can shop for brand new books at Books for Less for as low as P99, pre-owned books for up to 80% off their regular prices and buy one, take one book bundles. Books for Less offers fiction, classics and poetry, biographies and self-help books, which you can all order online.

Homiletics 2 Bundle: “The Eternal Present” by Andrea Wells Miller and “Life Lessons: A Christian Sharing” by Ignatius Fernandez from St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s also has some book bundles you may get for as low as P40—ranging from prayer books to daily spiritual readings.

A cup (or two) of coffee

We get it, work or school can be too much. And you sometimes get too focused on meeting your deadlines that you forget taking care of yourself anymore—you lose sleep, skip meals and before you know it, you’re already breaking down. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a break. It’s alright to have a slow day (maybe at least once a week), just sipping on a warm cup of coffee. 

Highlands Coffee’s Traditional Vietnamese Coffee Grounds and Full City Roast Beans from Highlands Coffee

Drinking coffee in moderation can stabilize your mood and relax the mind. It cuts down risks of stroke, type 2 diabetes and other illnesses. Coffee also gives you energy and stimulates hair growth. Even better news? Highlands Coffee’s Traditional Vietnamese Coffee Grounds and Full City Roast Beans are now back in stock and you can even enjoy free delivery when you order above P200.

Exclusive for frontliners: Health and beauty products

Frontliners have been working nonstop since March 2020 and we can’t imagine the exhaustion they must be feeling right now. So to give them a little something, HBC is exclusively offering “piso sale” for the country’s frontliners from Apr. 1 to 30, 2021. They may also get a limited edition of All for Beauty Pouch for a minimum purchase of P300.

P.S. Let’s do our best to make it a tad easier for our frontliners by following the minimum safety protocols when going out. Wear face masks and face shields. Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer or alcohol with you, too. After all, observing safety protocols is currently the best self-care practice out there.

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