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1. Wear a bright bold lippie to your next HOHOL sesh

Skip the neutrals, the nudes, and the safe reds, plums, and pinks. Make your 2018 beauty resolution be about color, color, color. The feng shui gods have even given us their favor with some of the lucky colors of the year being in shades of orange, yellow, purple, and magenta. Maybelline has a good selection of these bright bold lippies that balance boldness and quirkiness.

2. Dazzle with a golden-hued highlighter

Subtle should have no place in the beauty looks you plan to serve this year. Go the extra mile to play on those gorgeous features that your momma gave ya. For instance, how about a golden-hued highlighter to up your game? Make room for Sleek MakeUP’sHighlighting Palette in your makeup kit. These contain fabulous high intensity shimmer that give off that golden royal look.

3. Bring out the face glitter

If you were a true blue ‘90s kid, you’d know that body glitter was all the rage back in the day. It was an essential in our kiddie kikay kit. These days, the trend is making a comeback – extending its form to even include the face. Pay homage to your inner ‘90s self while packing on the glam, and shining bright like a diamond with BYS Face & Body Glitter Kit for a standout look.

4. Try out the “upside-down liner”

We’ve been seeing a bunch of Hollywood stars rocking a new style in the red carpet, and it involves investing in a pop of color to bring out the eyes. Not to mention it’s super easy to do too. All the “Upside-Down Liner” really needs is a quick swipe of colored liner to line just your bottom lashline. MAC Cosmetics’ Chromographic Pencil in turquoise is your best bet for this.

5. Go makeup-free for a week

While numbers 1 to 4 tackled going all out in the beauty department, we saved the best for last in our 5th beauty dare. This one is the most challenging one by far, if you ask us. This 2018, make great beauty be parallel to great skin care too. You’ll be needing a smooth healthy canvas for all those makeup looks you’ll be acing anyway. Perhaps the best start to glowing makeup-free skin is to make moisturizing a habit. This is a must for any skin type (yes, even you girls who are more on the oily side). Go for the foolproof Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel. It’s true when they say it works wonders for every type of skin!


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