4 Ways To Sport Short Hair

If you were looking for a sign to change up your hairstyle, this is it. It’s time to let go of your long locks and go for something easy and short. The change can be drastic but definitely worth it. It saves you the trouble of styling and it gives a chance for your facial features to shine. It also gives you the opportunity to accessorize so it’s time to bust out the puffy headband and barrettes and figure out what short hair style works best for you.

1. Slicked back

A slicked back hairstyle isn’t just for long hair. You can pull this off with a bob or pixie cut, too. If you’re not sure how to achieve it yourself, have a hairstylist test it out and take notes on how you can do it at home.

Service: Styling
Where to book an appointment: GOING STRAIGHT, BY G SALON

2. Shaved

Go all the way and shave everything off. This look seems easy enough to get but you have to make sure your hairstylist knows what they’re doing. Explain the kind of fade you want and how short you’re willing to go.

Service: Haircut by Senior Stylist

3. Super short

A super short haircut can have different styles. Dress it up with baby bangs or layers. You can accessorize with embellished headbands or small clips. They may not be functional but they sure are cute.

Service: Haircut
Where to book an appointment: DAVID’S SALON; T’JEN HAIR STUDIO

4. Colored

Since you’re experimenting with your hair, play around with color, too. Try something semi-permanent first before you stick to the color you think suits you best.

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