4 Investments For Your Skin

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Everyone is making a shift and focusing more on skincare. Bathroom countertops are now filled with bottles of serums, emulsions, and cleansers. You might have even spotted the occasional face mask selfie on social media.

But there’s another thing we shouldn’t miss out on: skin treatments. While we have our at-home skincare routine, these treatments can work harder and faster to target specific skin concerns. Plus, who doesn’t want a couple of hours of uninterrupted pampering?


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Once in a while, it’s good to treat your skin to a deep cleanse done by a professional. A 30-minute double cleanse treatment from AesthetiQ Wellness & Spa or the Bare Cleansing treatment from Skinology will remove dead skin cells along with other impurities, giving your pores new life.


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To help maintain healthy skin, invest in a regular facial. Try the Signature Facials at Bioessence for overall skin wellness, or the Collagen Elastin Facial at Platinum Beauty and Slimming Center for stunningly youthful skin. Flawless Face and Body Clinic offers innovative facial treatments, like the Rejuvelite Mask Facial. Powered by LED technology, it activates different levels of collagen and elastin production, and boosts skin rejuvenation for total beauty.


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A peel is basically a chemical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, but one that reaches deeper layers. You may opt for the ever-popular diamond power peel at Dermcare. If a deeper peel with resurfacing benefits is necessary, the Absolute Power Peel from DS Diana Stalder may be a more enticing treatment for your skin.

Lasers release high-intensity light beams that can target different problems, from tattoo removal to skin treatment. Try SkinStation’s fractional laser resurfacing with CollaWhite serum, which, while mainly used for acne scars and pigmentation, can also improve skin texture and firmness. For advanced skin treatment, try the Fractional Laser Ablative treatment from Dermstrata that improves stretchmarks, fine lines and wrinkles, frown lines, sun damaged skin, and warts.


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