2020 hair colors you should try next

Flex these to-dye-for colors at your next Zoom meeting

There are two types of people during quarantine: those who impulsively cut their hair and those who change hair colors every other month. If you’re the latter, you’ve probably become a pro at coloring and retouching your hair on your own. Or not.

There’s still a few months left in 2020, so you still have time to change your hair color once or twice. Here’s a list to help you decide.

Chocolate brown

2020 hair color: chocolate brown

Just a nice natural brown shade. Either you don’t like vibrant colors or you’re giving yourself a break from all the wild colors you’ve put in your hair. Get it at Orange Blush Salon.


2020 hair color: balayage

As Dua Lipa’s hairstylist said, balayage “is not a trend anymore—it’s normal.” This is the perfect way to incorporate some highlights without going the ombre route. Get it at Ystilo Salon.

Deep red

2020 hair color: deep red

Feel your Cheryl Blossom fantasy and go for that red dye. This would especially suit those with warmer skin undertones. Get it at Cre8 Salon Premier.


2020 hair color: lilac

Millennial lilac seems to be making a comeback in 2020, so maybe it’s time to take that hair color leap. Get it at Serom Hair Salon.

Dip dye

Feel like you’re in a summer music festival with dip-dyed hair a la Demi Lovato. Our suggestion is to choose a neon shade so it stands out more. Get it at Franzy Salon for Men & Women.

Orange Blush Salon

Orange Blush Salon

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Ystilo Salon

Ystilo Salon

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Cre8 Salon Premier

Cre8 Salon Premier

Serom Hair Salon

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Franzy Salon for Men & Women

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