Beat baby fever with these baby alternatives

So you want a baby but can’t commit? We got you.

So you’re scrolling through facebook and you’re attacked by posts with hashtags like #minime and TikToks of babies with chubby cheeks and bread roll-like arms and the love that was in the air during V-Day has turned into baby fever—breathe. If you’re currently going through this baby fever crisis and are so close to jumping at any opportunity to become a mom, you need to stop right there and think this whole thing over. You think you can just pop that baby right back in once you’ve changed your mind? Nuh-uh. Babies don’t just go away like that (especially with our culture *cough*) But lucky for you I’ve got some tips to help cure that baby fever, starting from the easiest:

Flora the Bunny animated plush from Mothercare

Simulation games

This is probably the easiest solution that doesn’t need much commitment. There are many types of simulation games that can cater to your taste. Delve into cute and simple phone games with interactive avatars or immerse yourself in the world of simulation such as developing an island or city. Humans, cats, dogs, dragons, the possibilities are endless! As easy as it sounds, you might want to make sure you don’t fall into a void as this hobby can get pretty expensive and time consuming with all the in-app purchases and time skip options. Nonetheless, the moment you’re over that baby fever, you can immediately quit your commitment and simply delete the app. I do suggest keeping the app for future baby fevers or when you want to get back to it.

iPhone 11 from Celltime


Join the world of plant parenthood now and give some little buds a new home. Not only does owning plants serve as a great alternative to having children but it also offers numerous benefits such as improved mental health, relaxation, and aesthetic pleasure. It’s just an overall win situation. You can dress them up with trendy macrame plant hangers or get artsy with terrariums. Get your nurturing on and don’t worry too much about consequences and expenses as plants don’t require much attention; they just sit there looking pretty.  And there’s always an option for succulents for those wannabe mommies who lack a green thumb. Be warned though that  plant addiction is a serious thing and your room might end up as a secret garden (though I don’t really see a problem with that). No unwanted noise, just a nurturing relationship.

To plant a garden pot sleeve from Papemelroti


Want a more permanent arrangement without really being a parent? Be a furent! Go on dates, watch movies, cuddle, and match clothes. You can do all these with your pets and they’d be just as happy doing these things with you. Have yourself a mini-me without the expenses of an actual mini-me. School tuition, who? I don’t know her. Dress them up in baby clothes and you won’t even notice the difference as you’ll be swooning all day!

PSA: But hey, don’t take this suggestion lightly as pets require just as much resolve as having a child. Pets require just as much attention and care. Just like kids, pets get older so you should be ready for this long-term commitment. Also, ADOPT and don’t shop. Seriously.

Matching outfits from Great Kids

Nieces and nephews

Or.. you can always spoil your nieces and nephews. Probably one of the best options for extreme baby fever because you get an actual baby without the commitment of having one. Have your fill of chubby cheeks and bread roll arms by visiting your favorite niece or nephew and help out your brother or sister with parenthood. Not only will you be helping your sibling but you’ll have some firsthand experiences to help you decide whether you’re ready to be a parent or not. Spoil the kids and become the cool aunt. Enjoy the fun of having a kid that you can send back to their parents at the end of the day so you can help some peace and quiet and uninterrupted sleep after.  

Dress from Periwinkle

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